Cowboys vs. Packers: Game of the Year?

Byron MotenCorrespondent INovember 23, 2007

IconThe Cowboys face the Packers next Thursday in what could be the game of the year.

It will all come down to QB play—which one will last the longest and come through in the clutch.

I give the Cowboys the advantage because of their running game. Marion Barber and Julius Jones will run all over the Packers' defense and create space and openings for Tony Romo for the passing game.

If it comes down to it, the Packers can throw the whole damn game! The Pack's 5WR set is deadly, and nobody in the league has been able to stop it.

Brett Favre will have another 300-yard, 3 TD game, as he will continue the drive to a Hall of Fame ending.

The Packers' running game isn't up to par though.  Ryan Grant may have run for 101 yards against the Lions—but don't expect him to do that against the Boys, who are fourth in the league in stopping the run.

Plus Favre has never won in Texas Stadium—he's 0-8 there, including the playoffs.

I got the Boys taking the victory 34-31.

Please hit me up if you have a different opinion. I am all ears and eyes to what you think will happen in the game...