NFL: Proposing a Change; Modify the Interception

12th Man RisingContributor IJune 1, 2010

Too long have I had to witness so many interceptions occur because a guy slips and falls, or a pass gets tipped off the shoulder of a receiver.

Whether the quarterback or receiver screws up or the defense just makes a fantastic play, interceptions are circumstantial.

Why should all circumstances punish the quarterback?

I propose we modify how the NFL rules an interception.

Not a radical change, but a tweaking is certainly in order, the statistic is undeniably flawed.

In baseball, if the defense makes an unquestionable error, and a run is scored on the pitcher, that run doesn’t count as an earned run against the said pitcher.

Why? Because well, it wasn’t the pitcher's fault that the third baseman got a little too trigger happy on his throw to first.

Hell, even the...

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