ESPN Confirms Bob Mantz Bleacher Report Jets/Favre Scoop!

bob mantz@bobsblitzSenior Writer IJuly 22, 2008

I've got a different bodyguard with me this time spearing an exclusive for BR... (photo).


Bleacher Report & my sources scooped the news on the Jets and Brett Favre 7/15/08:

I reconfirmed based on my own deductions and calculations that it was looking more and more true on 7/18/08:

Well Mike and the Mad Dog's Mike Francesa confirmed Bleacher Report's information 7/22 - The New York Jets are talking Brett Favre internally.

The extremely interesting point is that after the comments above YES network came back to the show and Francesa was clearly reading my article.  He then felt compelled to clarify that he said the Jets were talking internally and that he never said that they were talking TO Green Bay.  Well, neither did I.  I said my sources indicated they might be talking to Green Bay and that they were absolutely talking about it internally. (and we know Mike reads BR)

Even more suspicious was that my post linked to this particular article was removed immediately after we saw Mike reading it on The New York Radio Message Board and that the site 'Sports Journalists' refused to run it at all.  Bleacher Report getting blackballed.  I wonder why that was...


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