Oakland Raiders: Let's Get Real People!

james jamesContributor IMay 31, 2010

Okay guys against the brilliant advice I have received from some of the more respected writers on Bleacher Report.... I am going to write a damn near 100% opinion based piece. I know, what's an article without stats, research, and all the "According to so and so" elements? THIS. Just like any of you out there reading this I'm addicted to the Raiders. Even the people that hate the Raiders are addicted.

It's months until the actual season starts and just like you I scour the net looking just to see how good my team looks in a no-contact OTA. Waiting to read any good news there could possibly be on a team that has fallen so far from grace that we grasp for the coat tails of mediocrity. This off-season I've read my fair share of "Raiders on the rise" news. I would be lying if I said I didn't help spread it around. I just want to be clear on where I stand.

The Raiders have done more this off-season than I can ever remember them doing. Keeping continuity in Coach Cable. Hiring new staff to create offense, and completely revamping the defensive side of the ball. Got a QB...a real one. Drafted big talent not just big names. They even sent what's his name packing. All this is what gives us all hope, lets not confuse hope with grandeur.

We have all the tools to be a good wild card team. The improvement at QB is a given, but the real questions are pretty much the same. Which running back is going to show up EVERY week. Can DHB really catch? Is this Offensive line still.... offensive? Who's gonna step up and tell the opposition " you HAVE to throw the ball 3rd and 6 runs are no longer a reality for you".

If all of the above questions are answered on the football field as opposed to the practice field and idealists like myself. A 2010 wild card spot is definitely realistic.