Why Fabregas Won't Leave Arsenal

Ryan KusyContributor IIApril 10, 2017

Jasper Juinen/Getty Images

All these reports suggesting Fabregas is off to Barcelona this summer is driving me mad (and putting me to sleep, if I might add). Not a single day passes that some paper or article comes out stating, "Barcelona to buy Fab for X amount of money," or " (insert players name here) to replace Fabregas at Arsenal." And however true or untrue those stories, or should I say rumors are, they cast doubt into the minds or Arsenal fans around the globe. Like Fabregas or not (although I don't know who wouldn't), Arsenal need him around. He is the icon of the club, and although I'll agree no player is bigger than his club, he is the epitome of the Arsenal philosophy, and one of the players who made Arsene Wenger's career.

He is more than just one of the best players on the globe. He is a bargaining tool, an added bonus for Arsenal. When Arsenal want to buy players, it is not simply down to money.  Wenger can tell future players that "Hey, if you come to Arsenal, you're going to get to play with Cesc Fabregas...or you can go play with Tom Huddlestone at Tottenham, it's your choice really.." And let me tell you, not many players turn down the chance to play with Fabregas. And it doesn't work as well if you sell Fabregas and then say, "Hey, if you come to Arsenal, you're going to get to play with...Denilson, wait, no, umm, Song...Diaby?" We lose interest in future players when we sell our best player, and then we get deemed a "selling club" or "feeder club" both of which we certainly are not.

But to the point here. I am going to let you in on a little secret now-Fabregas isn't leaving. Here's why (in order from most important, to least):


1) World Cup:  Strange that it's at the top I know, but here me out. Sure Fabregas wants to play at Barcelona, he has said that the whole time; in fact, he probably told Wenger that when Arsenal signed him at age 16! But with the World Cup, Barcelona won't be able to negotiate with Arsenal for a whole month because Wenger will be doing work for French TV in South Africa. As long as Arsenal can hold out till June 11, then I would be shocked to see Fabregas leave. Plus, pending Spain lives up to expectation, Fabregas's price could sky rocket if he shines during his time in South Africa, puttinghim out of Barcelona's range.



2)  Arsene Wenger:  The man is a genius, I cannot deny that. I will be honest; at first I thought we might sell Fabregas, because he was training with Spain every day, and that means half the Barcelona squad, so he was more pressured to move. But when Fab and Wenger had their "secret meeting" and Fab's response was this, "Sometimes not even in my house have I felt more loved than I have at Arsenal. I had a long conversation with Arsene, it is probably the greatest conversation I have had with someone in my life, and I respect him so much and I don't want to say too much about this." 

Arsene Wenger strikes again. How exactly he did it, I do not know, but Fabregas spoke during that interview and said, "It is not up to me anymore, it is just now about Arsenal and however it has to be, that is it. I don't want to say anything else, I just want to be focused on the World Cup because it is the most important thing. The rest is the future, and I am not interested in the future." Not to mention that Fabregas has stated many times that he views Wenger as a father figure and that he has been the most influential person in his life, I don't this he will break his heart just yet.


3)  Arsene Wenger's Contract:  Interesting, I know. Similar to the one above, I am sure during that secret meeting Wenger disclosed to Fabregas that he would be renewing his contract (which, I don't think very many of us were worried about, but hey). But that isn't the point I want to make. See, this very well might be Wenger's last contract renewal before he retires. So he could have used this as leverage to convince Fabregas to stick it out for a few more years (one could only hope), as long as Wenger is around.

4) Arsenal:  The fact that this club has made him who he is today and he owes everything he has to them is enough of a reason really. But another reason he will also be staying is because of the little "package" Arsenal gave him last season, which saw him receive a nifty £3 million in compensation for being underpaid the past 2 seasons and nearly doubled his wages to £110,000 per week.  This deal destroyed any chance Barcelona had at luring Fabregas to them by offering him an increase in pay. Oh and Fabregas always kisses his Arsenal badge when he scores, that's gotta count for something right...?

5) The Future:  Arsenal have been close two of the past three years to winning the EPL, and now it seems most of the potential that Arsenal have been talking about is turning into results. As well, Arsene Wenger seems to have finally broken down that his squad needs to some help, and recruits are on the way. If Wenger holds true and adds three or four new players (and gets rid of our goal keepers), it could go a long way to giving Fabregas his first real trophy (that FA Cup win doesn’t count…he was 17 alright).

6.) London:  Fabregas has said he feels at home in London now and that he is completely settled here. It would be hard for him to leave the city which changed him from a boy to a man, and to which he owes all of his success.

7.) History:  Looking back through Arsene Wenger's time at Arsenal, every major player has left Arsenal during the end of their peak years.  Viera had maybe 2 good years left in him when he was sold (plus Italian football is less physical than English, which helped him). Henry had maybe a year and half left of top class finishing left (could have been longer if Barcelona didn't ruin him by making him play the left flank all year). So I don't think Wenger would let Fab leave with so much still left in the tank. History shows that Wenger has been able to convince players who have wanted from Arsenal to stick around for another year or two before letting them go when he had found suitable replacements. The most telling fact for me in history is that very, very few players have been able to replicate their form with Arsenal at another other club after leaving. Helb recently came out telling Fabregas not to leave, because it ruined his career when he left.

It seems Arsenal take their prime years, and then once they leave they never return to the heights they hit at Arsenal. Just look at Helb, Flamini, Henry, Adebayor, Toure, the list goes on. Fabregas won't want to join that list.

8) Teammates & Tomas Rosicky:  Fabregas has become good friends with many of the players on Arsenal, primarily Rosicky, who he has often stated to be one of his best friends. They usually hang out after practices, and I saw an interview once where Rosicky was making Fabregas try multiple types of Czech food from his home country (didn’t look half bad by the looks of it). And although I am sure he could adapt easily to the Spanish life (considering he is Spanish), all of his teammates will do their best to keep him around. (Though I would like to make a suggestion to Wenger to possibly buy another Spanish player to keep Fabregas happy)

I am sure there are a few other reason's as well that he could staying (he is the club's captain, Barca's lack of money, etc), but looking at these main reasons, Fabregas won't be leaving...not this year at least.