Who Will Finish Second, Third and Fourth in the SEC West

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Who Will Finish Second, Third and Fourth in the SEC West
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With apologies, again, going out to Kyle P for not covering the SEC East first or writing an article about his beloved DAWGS, I need to get this SEC West stuff out of my brain. Don't worry Kyle, I am going to write that article and I do believe that your Dawgs can take down Florida this year. Brantley may be a good QB, but I have to go deeeeep in my mental Rolodex (yes I said Rolodex) to think of a guy who could lead his team mentally and physically the way Tebow did. That makes the QB situation about even between Georgia and Florida. Your running backs are as good, your offensive line is as good, your receivers are as good, your defense....well let's just move on to the SEC West.

This is not meant to be a pre-season prediction carved in granite. This is more like a Spencer Region type of commitment. We could talk all day about why Arkansas will finish second, third or fourth and we could do the same with Auburn and LSU. Picking against 'Bama right now would just be silly. For any fan of an SEC West team who thinks they have a legitimate shot at beating 'Bama this year, I'm going to offer my opinion to you. If your team played 'Bama close last year and if you are still stuck on some "what if" idea about how you should've beaten them, you should remember one thing: Tennessee came closest to beating Alabama last year. Their team is not in the same stratosphere as Bama's and neither is yours. Last August I said that Alabama would win the National Championship two years in a row and I see no need to back away from that.. Movin' on...

This is an oddball assortment of things about each team which seem important to me. It's how I pick games.


If there were a statistic for dropped passes that hit a receiver in stride, right in the hands,  Arkansas would have led that category in 2009. Arkansas has a new coach for their wide receivers this year. He is a former offensive lineman. Point Auburn and LSU. Offensive skill players are as good as Alabama's.


The defensive secondary is a MASH Unit. Does ElToro Freeman have to wear a helmet when he's not on the field? Can anyone name a JUCO Quarterback who succeeded in the SEC? I cannot remember one. If Mario Fannin sprains an ankle, is the season over?


Anytime your quarterbacks nickname is "pick six," you're in trouble. I don't see this team beating Arkansas, Auburn or 'Bama. Houston Nutt has beaten LSU four years in a row. That only leaves Mississippi State and you have to wonder if Les Miles is as good as Dan Mullen.

Mississippi State

I don't know much but I do know that they beat a loaded Ole Miss team last year at the end of the season. Recruiting is picking up. Mullen's second year. Chizik's second year. Thursday night September 9th will be interesting. Home game against Auburn and the students are just returning. Trust me, after this game you will NOT need more cowbell. You think Tennessee plays Rocky Top too much? These people are coming out of their skin to get at Auburn.

Ole Miss
Ole Miss simply lost too much talent. Branden Bolden and Enrique Davis could be exceptional. New offensive coordinator is Dave Rader, Mike Shula's old OC. Bobby Massie, the number one JUCO OL a couple of years ago, is on the clock. He is in danger of disappearing without having made any impact. Jerrell Powe has the best feet I've ever seen on a big man. Did that come out wrong? Should start the year 5-0.

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