America's QB: Biting the Bullet on Brett Favre

Dave FinocchioSenior Writer INovember 22, 2007 Green Bay Packers and the Dallas Cowboys are set for an NFL Network showdown next Thursday night in Texas Stadium.

At 10-1, both teams are enjoying magical runs behind gunslinging quarterbacks and hard-hitting defenses.

But the Packers' story is the special one.

At the risk of being presumptuous, I think I wasn't the only NFL fan who'd had enough of the Brett Favre retirement saga before this season. You couldn't turn on  SportsCenter between the months of February and August without catching a new angle on the story.

In two words: TEDIOUS AS...

It all seemed so obvious—another case of a national hero who didn't know when to hang it up.

Favre, as I saw things, was no longer a great player. In fact, there were points in the last few seasons when it would have been kind to call him an average player.

But you have to love the guy who proves you wrong.

As it stands, we're witnessing one of the greatest late-career runs by one of the greatest iconic figures in the history of professional sports.

Brett Favre has moxie, and a Jack Nicklaus-like swagger. He's always going to believe he can win—damn the circumstances, damn his age.

As a fan, there are times to stick to your guns—and there are times to appreciate that you're privy to something truly special.

In 2007, Brett Favre and the Green Bay Packers are truly special.

This Thursday, Favre deserves the Michael Jordan treatment from non-Dallas Cowboy fans.

The guy transcends allegiances.

So put away your reservations, put away your pride—and buy a No. 4 jersey.'s why we watch, right?

Go Favre and go Packers!