2010 FIFA World Cup Special: My Story!

Nishant ShahContributor IMay 30, 2010

Nearly 12 years ago in 1998, when I was 8 years old kid.. People around me were crazy for Cricket.. No one was allowed to watch anything else when India was playing..

But one fine night, my dad was watching some other sport.. Ignorant at that time, I asked him, 'Which sport is this ?'.. He said,'This is football'.. Again I asked, 'So would the game go on for hours like cricket ?'..
He said,'No! They have to run a lot here.. So it lasts only for 1 and a half hour'..
After that I didn't bother him much and went to sleep..

It was only in 2008 that I realized while watching EURO'08 Final that 10 years ago what I missed was a World Cup Final.. Where France were crowned World Champions and Zinedine Zidane was crowned World's Best..

But I did get an opportunity to live that moment again.. And I didn't miss it this time.. But it didn't go the way I wanted it to be..

It was 2006 World Cup Final and all talks were about that guy.. Or I should say he had become a Legend by now..

I did watch that Final France vs Italy this time.. With my dad of course..

What I didn't expected was that a Legend's carrier coming to such an end.. Zinedine Zidane was sent off in the 117th minute of the game..
France went on to lose the game on penalties..

I was really disappointed to see that.. I couldn't even see the Final Ceremony.. I went to bed and donno why but I cried..
That night I realized the emotions attached with the game.. And how it feels when yourthe  player or team loses..

Coming back to 2008, The European Championships Final.. This time it was Michael Ballack.. The man who has been there and lost it all..
And after seeing his Free Kick against Austria.. I became and instant fan.. But was disappointed to see Ballack not being fully fit for the game and eventually the team gave up..

Michael Ballack: Always a Bride's Maid.. Never a Bride..

That was when I started supporting Germany.. I though may be.. In his last World Cup he might be able to break the barrier and Germany might win..

But, luck wasn't on his side.. On the final lap of what was a fruitful season.. Ballack got injured and looks set to miss the World Cup.. As I Chelsea Fan.. I hope we would still have him next season..

After all these years of watching football.. I had become fan of another Great Player.. Having played for 3 of the biggest clubs on the planet.. And having that hunger to play for the country at 35.. Beckham I salute you..

But another glorious carrier had come to an abrupt end when David Beckham got injured while playing for AC Milan..

So, when the players I supported are set to miss the World Cup.. The excitement has somewhat been reduced..

But as always.. The World Cup is sure to produce new stars.. And this might be the last one for some veterans out there.. Some players like Ballack, Beckham and even Ronaldinho would be surely missed..
Of course there is a new set of Galacticos ready to battle out against each other.. But the old Galacticos would be missed..