TNA needs to pull the plug on, The Band

SlamZillaContributor IMay 29, 2010

Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, 6-pac, and now Eric Young. collectively known as “The Band”  As if the name wasn’t bad enough, what we have here is a collection of 3 former members of a once relevant group known as the NWO, and briefly, The Wolf Pac, and Eric Young, a good talent who nobody seems to know what to do with. 

     Now I understand that when Hulk Hogan joined TNA, that we would see something like this.  Everybody knew that The Hulkster would find some work for his buddies, and sooner or later Scott Hall and Sean Waltman would show up.  But seriously, I didn’t think they would get a legitimate push.  Lets face facts.  This is no longer 1996.  Nash can barely wrestle as it is, and now we have Scott Hall who unfortunately still hasn’t resolved his out of the ring issues.  And Sean Waltman who apparently is out with Hepatitis C.  This leaves Young as about the only decent in ring performer of the group.   And its a good thing they have  at least one person among them that can wrestle, since they are now the Tag Team Champions.  And with the so called “Freebird Rule” in effect, any two out of the three can defend the belts at any given time.  Of course with Hall in trouble, and Waltman seemingly not coming back anytime soon, that just leaves Young and Nash.  How this group was allowed to take what has been an excellent tag team division, and make a joke out of it by being the Champions is beyond me.  This is even worse than Matt Morgan holding the Titles himself while referring to himself as “WE” all the time.

     Now I have nothing against any of these guys. I was a big fan of the NWO back in the day.  But that was then, and this is now.  The magic just isn’t there anymore.  And as long as they are allowed to hold those Tag Titles, real teams like The Motor City Machine Guns, Beer Money, Team 3D, and even newer teams like Generation Me, and Ink Inc, will be kept down.  And that sounds to me like the not so glorious days of WCW.  The fans like exciting wrestling, and that has been the one thing that TNA has always delivered.  So for our sake, lets hope The Band, leaves the building.