Real Madrid: Are the Spanish Giants Bullying the Football World?

Benjamin RogersAnalyst IJuly 22, 2008

Everyone knows that real Madrid is the club that always attracts the big stars of the game, and they have always had a team full of world class internationals.

Their actions over the past view months have been concentrated on Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo and their ongoing pursuit of the player. However Manchester United has refused point blank to sell him due to the fact he is under contract.

Manchester United has every right to keep Ronaldo at the club no matter the opinion of many football fans that think Manchester is being too stubborn.

In the next couple of days the Spanish giants will reportedly make offers for Arsenals Cesc Fabregas and AC Milan's Kaka.

As a football and Arsenal fan, Real Madrid really annoys me with their bullying approach to the game, thinking they can buy every big star that comes along.

They will probably fail to get Ronaldo so they are now trying to get two more of the world's biggest players.

It annoys me that every year they try to buy from teams like Arsenal and United—trying to buy their way to success.

It seems that they want to buy every great player so Real Madrid has no football competition from other teams, and this to me is bullying.

My question is why do the leaders of the game let this happen and why do they not punish Madrid for their actions which transpire each and every transfer window. Is there no punishment that they can be given?