Bo (Pelini) Knows How to Tackle

Big Red NetworkSenior Writer IJuly 22, 2008

Reader, frequent commenter, and eagle-eye Tyler sent us this gem of a video.

First, admire one of the hardest hits you'll ever see on a football field.  Then, pause it at the 14-second mark.  See whose name flashes across the screen during the celebration?

That's right.  It's a young Bo Pelini.  He was a free safety and co-captain for the Buckeyes during his senior year.

He may not have made the hit in this particular video, but he saw it up close.

One thing is for sure—Bo knows how to tackle.  Let's hope eight months on the job is long enough for him to transfer that knowledge to his Blackshirts.

(P.S. If you find yourself watching tape of the '89 or '90 Ohio State seasons, keep an eye out for other Pelini highlights and send them our way!)