Huskers Reveal Depth Chart

Big Red NetworkSenior Writer IJuly 22, 2008

Nebraska revealed its first official depth chart for 2008. Of course, coaches will say these listings don't mean anything and that they are likely to change. That's all well and good. For right now, Husker fans get an important first look at what kind of roster NU might field in the fall. Here are some of the things I found interesting about the summer depth chart.

- Patrick Witt has the backup quarterback job at this point. Why start with this fact? Because it is the most important position on the field, and the battle between Witt and Lee is said to be pretty close. And, NU's season could turn dramatically with one ugly hit on Ganz. The battle for this spot merits continued watching.

- I like NU's overall depth along the offensive line. There are a lot of big people on the roster, which is nice. But, it remains fragile, too. The Huskers have redshirt freshman in their two-deep at both right tackle and center. You would have to think other, more experienced players might be moved around in to spots should NU suffer injuries at one of those two spots.

- It is pretty clear who the top six wide receivers are at this point. You can expect to see everyone listed here take meaningful snaps, I think. It’s nice to have a Chris Brooks sighting. Again, you have to like the total talent makeup of the group. But, individuals must step up.

- NU has a lot of backs. For Lucky to be all conference in the preseason and still be pushed by Roy Helu and Quentin Castille, you know the Huskers have some something good

- Always nice to see a Makovicka listed at fullback. But, Lawson is the experienced senior who must step up now.

- Hunter Teafatiller is not listed. That doesn't look too good. Hope the kid can clean his act up, because the Huskers need him, especially as a blocking tight end. Though, I’m excited to see what Mike McNeil can do.

- Along the defensive line, Ndamukong Suh must be getting healthy as he is listed at the number one Nose Tackle. That's good news. I like the front unit there with Suh, Zach Potter, Barry Turner and Ty Steinkuhler. But, Kevin Dixon is listed as the top back up at both tackle spots. That's not good, folks. Better depth needs to be established.

- Wow, NU does not have a lot of linebackers, at least guys who have played much at all. At the "Buck" spot, Tyler Wortman is a walk on and Blake Lawrence does NOT weigh 225 pounds. In the middle, most people are excited about Dillard. But, nobody outside of Clay County, Nebraska has ever heard of Colton Koehler. At the "Will" spot, Cody Glenn is a converted running back. Good story or not, that has to give you pause. Letravis Washington is a fantastic athlete, but still very green.

- I'm actually very excited about the secondary. Armando Murillo was quietly NU's best defensive back last year. At safety, Larry Asante, Ricky Thenarse and Major Culbert all had fans drooling when they were recruited. I'm anxious to see what Marvin Sanders' coaching can do for those guys. At the other corner, Anthony West and Prince Amukamara are both prototype corners, at least athletically. Expect Amukamara to play a lot of nickel.
They both must grow up quickly. No sign of Anthony Blue. I wouldn't expect too quick a recovery for his knee.

- NU should have a strong kicking game, returning both the place kickers from last year and a very good punter. Hey, don't miss the "hidden third". It decides ball games, folks.