Bellator XX: Live Play-By-Play, Scoring and Press Conference Coverage

Jason Schielke@jasonschielkeCorrespondent IMay 27, 2010

Tonight starting at 7:00 CST, I will be doing a live play-by-play, along with scoring, of Bellator 20.  I will be updating this page frequently, so be sure to refresh this page frequently, as Bellator is sure to put on yet another outstanding show!



The telecst starts with hyping the highly anticipated rematch between Bryan Baker and Eric Schambari. 

Hector Lombard is quoted as saying that Jarad Hess has the only chance of winning the tournament, however the announcers disagree.

FIGHT 1 - MARCUS SURSA VS. EDDIE SANCHEZ in a Heavyweight Special Attraction.

Round 1 - Sursa throws a leg kick and shoots for the takedown.  Sursa is working some ground-and-pound from the guard, but Sanchez is able to get bak to his feet.  Nice knee lands to the body from Sursa.  Sanchez lands a nice right, but Sursa gets him down again.  Sanchez is quick to get the fight back to the feet.  They are clinched against the fence and Sanchez is working some good dirty boxing and knees.  Sanchez starts teeing off on Sursa but Sursa gets Sanchez down.  Sanchez tries to go for a guillotine choke, but Sursa gets out quickly and mounts Sanchez.  Sanchez scrambles to get back to his feet, but eats a knee for his efforts.  Sanchez lands a double and has Sursa pressed against the fence.  Sanchez is landing some good body and head shots from Sursa's closed guard.  Sursa tries for a triangle, but Sanchez gets out quickly and gets side control.  Sanchez throws some heavy lefts to Sursa's head and the round ends.

SCHIELKE'S SCORE - 10-9 Sanchez.  This is a close round as Sursa landed more takedowns, but Sanchez inflicted the most damage.  I don't like to give credit to takedowns of no consequence, so Sanchez gets the round since he landed the better strikes. 

Round 2 - Sursa lands a HUGE right that has Sanchez on queer street.  Sursa is all over Sanchez and is throwing everything and the kitchen sink at him.  Sursa lands some more right hands and Sanchez does not look like he's going to last much longer. Sursa goes for a guillotine, but he pops his head out and lands in Sursa's guard.  Eddie's nose is bleeding all over the place.  Sanchez looks like he is getting his facilities back.  Sanchez is starting to land some nice punches from half guard.  It almost seems like Sursa punched himself out, as he isn't defending himself very well on the ground.  Sanchez briefly gets the mount, Sursa gives up his back, but Sanchez get back to the guard and is teeing off on Sursa.  Sanchez has landed at least 30 unanswered punches.  Sanchez continues to land hammerfist.  Referee asks Sursa if he is done, but he says no.  Damn, it looks like Sursa's ear exploded.

SCHIELKE'S SCORE - 10-9 Sanchez.  Sursa had Sanchez hurt big time, but Sanchez was able to clear his head and land numerous unanswered strikes to the face of Sursa, en route of controlling the better part of the round.  I believe Sanchez was closer to finishing the fight than Sursa was.  Very close round, but I give it to Sanchez.

Round 3 - Round starts, but time is called by the ref to fix the tape on Sursa's gloves.  Sanchez comes out and lands a heavy body shot that puts Sursa down.  Sanchez gets mount, rains down some heavy punches, Sursa has no answer as he gives up his back and the ref steps in and the fight is over.

Eddie Sanchez wins at 0:23 of the 3rd round via TKO.

In the post-fight interview, Eddie Sanchez says "Fighting for Bellator is the s***"  You have to love live tv!



Shlemenko says that he held back in his fight against Matt Major.  I was there and I don't buy it.

Jared says he learned a lot from his fight with Lombard.  He believes he can win a rematch.  That would be a very, VERY tough task.

Round 1 - Shlemenko is throwing out a few low leg kicks.  It seems like they're having a long feeling out process.  Hess shoots and Shlemenko is down.  Hess is working from side mount and is landing some good knees and lefts.  Hess gets his back and iw landing some nice right hands.  Hess is landing strikes at will.  Shilemenko looks like a fish out of water on the ground.  Hess gets the back with the hooks in.  Hess goes for a RNC, but couldn't sink it in.  Shlemenko somehow gets his way back to a standing position.  Hess still has a body lock and works some good knees.  Hess drops form a single and gets it.  Shlemenko gets back to his feet.  Shlemenko throws a spinning backfist and leg kick, which is caught and Hess gets the takedown.  Shlemenko works an omaplata, but Hess steps over and has Shlemenko's back again.  Hess pounds away and the round is over

SCHIELKE'S SCORE - 10-9 Hess.  This is a no-brainer.  Hess controlled the whole round, decided where the fight was going to take place and landed some very good shots.

Round 2 - Hess shoots in and Shlemenko goes for a guillotine, but Hess pops his head out.  Hess is landing some nice ground-and-pound from Shlemenko's open guard.  Big left lands for Hess.  Shlemenko tries to hold Hess' head down, but he gets out and works some more punches.  Shlemenko gets in a tight triangle.  WTF???  He transitions to an armbar, and Hess excapes.  Hess goes for another RNC, but Shlemenko gets out.  Shlemenko goes for an inverted heel-hook but Hess is out easily.  Hess gets back into Shlemenko's guard.  Shlemenko throws up his legs like he's trying to go for another triangle but nothing is happening.  Hess works more and more and more punches.  Hesss seems happy to stay in Shlemenko's guard and tee off on his face.

SCHIELKE'S SCORE - 10-9 Hess.  The highlight of this round for Shlemenko was the near triangle/armbar.  Other than that the round was all about Hess landing some good punches from the guard.

Round 3 - Shlemenko goes for a spinning back kick and hess gets a takedown.  Shlemenko gets back up and Hess clinches against the fence.  Hess shoots and eats a BIG knee!!  Hess gets back up but Shlemenko works a headlock and ends up in Hess' guard.  Hess is working more from the bottom than Shlemenko is from the bottom.  Shlemenko lets Hess back up and Hess is doing the chicken dance.  The ref stops it!!  I guess Hess injured his leg.  HOLY S***!  Hess' knee is dislocated and that is f***ing NASTY!!  I've seen many nasty injuries in the 1000's of MMA fights I've watch, and that one ranks right up there with the nastiest I've seen.  They have to bring out the stretcher to take Hess out of the ring.  The replay show that Hess dislocated his knee when he dropped after eating the knee from Shlemenko early in the round.

Alexander Shlemenko wins at 2:20 of the 3rd round via TKO

Post fight, Shlemenko says that he believes that whether he fights Baker or Schambari in the finals, he believes neither of them will quit, just like Hess doesn't quit (I tried to translate his translator's broken English)


Man, this is the fight I've been looking forward to ever since it was announced at Bellator 16.  This is going to be good.

Round 1 - Baker circles and lands a nice combo.  Baker rushes in and lands a nice right.  Schambari lands one of his own and works for a double leg.  He changes to a double and gets it.  Baker works a triangle....Schambari needs to circle, but Baker is working it big time.  Baker is pulling down on Schambari's head hard.  Schambari's head is turning blue!  Schambari finally taps and it's all over.

Bryan Baker wins at 2:21 of the 1st round via submission.

Post fight he praises God for his victory.  I'm sure God wanted him to choke another person to the point that they almost lost all blood flow to their brain (insert rolling eyes here).

Bjorn Rebney comes on and talks about the possible Melendez-Alvarez fight.  He says Coker hasn't responed to him yet.  C'mon up!!!


Round 1 - Oshiro lands a nice inside leg kick.  The both trade punches and Mamalis works a takedown.  Oshiro jumps guard.  Not much happening on the ground; it's mainly a battle for position.  Oshiro tries to get up but Mamalis gets him back down.  Mamalis lands a pretty good left had.  Oshiro tries for a triangle but Mamlis isn't having it.  Oshiro goes for a sweep, but Mamalis gets in side control.  Mamalis is starting to land some punches and elbows.  Oshiro works the rubber-guard.  Oshiro lands an illegal kick to a downed opponent, but no harm, no foul.  Ref just gives a warning.  Oshiro works the rubberguard, Mamalis lands some hammerfists and the round is over.

SCHIELKE'S SCORE - 10-9 Mamalis.  They worked equally on the ground, but Mamalis was focusing more on offence and Oshiiro was focusing on defense.  Defense doesn't win rounds.

Round 2 - Oshiro lands a decent kick.  Oshiro lands a left and somehow Mamalis gets the back of Oshiro.  Mamalis gets in the guard, Oshiro gives up his back and Mamalis gets the hooks in.  Mamalis is working a RNC and Oshiro taps.  Huge upset.

Nick Mamalis wins at 1:29 of the 2nd round via submission.


Joined in the 3rd round - Deleon lands some nice kicks including one to the "cash and prises".  Jimmy says that Flick is winning the fight 2-0 right now.  Deleon jumps guard.  Flick has deleon's left hand tied up behind him and is landing some nice punches.  Flick gets Deleon's back.  Flick transitions and gets Deleon on his back, then Flick is back on Deleon's back, then back to working from Deleon's half guard.  Deleon tries a guillotine, but he can't get it from the position he's in.  Flick moves to side, they stand, Flick shoots and the round is over.

SCHIELKE'S SCORE - 10-9 Flick.  Flick just controled Deleon the whole round.  Nothing more to say

OFFICIAL JUDGE'S SCORES - 30-27, 29-28, 29-28 for Jimmy Flick


SCHIELKE'S OVERALL TAKE - Once again, another solid event from Bellator.  I swear Bjorn Rebney is the master of match making and has no clue how to put on a bad show.  Scott Coker needs to watch Bellator to learn how to pace his events.

It's unfornitute that Hess dislocated his knee as he was on his way to a decision win, but a Shlemenko-Baker fight should be fun to watch. 

The Sanchez - Sursa fight was much better than I expected.  I thought Sursa had no chance, but he almost got Sanchez out of there. 

I can't wait until next week!


To everyone, I would like to say I'm sorry.  I'm not sure if it was a problem on my end or on Bellator's end, but my feed kept cutting in-and-out.  I will listen my voice recorder and see what, if anything, that I picked up and I will pass it along as soon as possible.



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