The Best Is Yet To Come

Dottie travisCorrespondent IMay 27, 2010

Look at that Picture I picked its in a heart, thats where junior lives and resides in my heart. he has been there ever since 2001 when his father was tragically killed on the last lap of Daytona 500 .  He snuggled his way into my heart and that is where he is and where he will stay safely protected.

Why you may ask? why Not?? Junior has always been a sweet heart, a soft heart a man with a big heart so why not let him snuggle into my heart there he is there he will stay.

I tell ya Junior has (2) busch series championships, he won a Daytona 500 in 2004 ,right now junior is Enduring a Painful/ Nerve wracking slump. and why is a man of this calber suffering threw one of the worse slumps ever?? lets analyze this a little bit

#1. his father was tragically Killed on the last lap of the Daytona 500, and junior felt he had to be strong for every one the fans of his father, his  fans, his family Not taking into consideration his own Mental health and what it would do to this man.

 #2. the corvette accident he was in where he got Burned, if you watched the tape of that accident he says it felt like someone pulled him out of the car and no one was around him could it be daddy was there that day protecting his boy.

#3. The way Dale srs. widow treated junior all junior wanted was a little bit more to help with his business and she didnt want to give it to him she was just being greedy and really unfair to this kid.

Now you analyze everything this kid has endured and what he is putting up with now and its a wunder how this kid can even concentrate I honestly feel sorry for dalejr it is a heck of lot to have on your shoulders. When everything you do is  put under a microsope and analyzed.

Now his father was inducted into the nascar hall of fame and once again his family was ignored grandmama should of gotten Dales Hof ring who gets it Miss Theresa, there complaining about what Junior wore why he didnt wear a HOF jacket, well he wasnt given one that is why. I think junior did just fine, he was getting a little ansy sitting there but he kept his emotions in check again.

July 2nd in a wunderful gesture Dale is gonna be driving his fathers #3 Wrangler car, in a one time event to honor his fathers induction into the HOF. I honestly dont want junior to drive that car I will worry about him to till the end of that race. one of these day against his better judgement i fear he is gonna have to allow himself to feel yes to cry its been to long and its time to heal. Maybe by healing he can finally move on in his life.

you cant really analyze juniors emotional state threw all of this he has kept that in check pretty well, but i want him to heal i want him to allow himself to YES cry if he has to. Especially if he wins in his dads car just let it happen baby just let it happen maybe then finally after all these years he will be able to heal.

If i had the opprtunity i would give junior a big hug an a peck on the cheek and assure him i am standing strong beside him, he is my hero-my angel-my forever champion he is always #1 to me and he always will be.