WWE: What the Heck is Happening to RAW?

Jeremy TurnerSenior Analyst IJuly 21, 2008

Alright...for those of you who are like me and have been watching RAW since the "unexpected" disaster that fell upon Mr. McMahon and left RAW GM-less, you must be asking yourself...WTF is the WWE doing?

Week after week, we hear about Stephanie and Shane McMahon begging the RAW roster to show some order and cooperation during their dad's time of pain and suffering, and each week the roster members seem to ignore those pleas and do whatever they want.

We have JBL and Cena duking it out week after week...CM Punk being challenged each week to "prove" he is a true WWE Champion...Kane running wild mumbling about someone being "Dead or Alive"...

As I watch this, all I can say is..."What is going on? What angle is the WWE trying to give RAW?"

I watched ECW last Tuesday night, and heard Teddy Long comment that ECW was not like RAW, and that there was some order. He was right. Right now, ECW seems to be the most sanely controlled brand in the WWE. At least they have the "Superstar Initiative" going.

Smackdown's GM, Vickie, found out last week her husband Edge isn't the faithful man he claims to be, and so I'm sure we will begin seeing her take her vengeance out on Edge and others. Though this seems one-sided, at least it is something to watch.

Coming back to RAW, I can't help but wonder when or if the McMahons have someone in the wings to become the RAW GM. Are they waiting until a specific day to make the "big unveiling"...or are they just gonna let this chaos continue until it gets boring?

As much as I enjoy seeing Cena and JBL fight each weekend, it is getting boring. RAW needs a GM that will come in and take control...someone who will utilize these rivalries to the advantage of RAW.