<i>The Ultimate Fighter</i> Season 11: Episode Nine Recap

Jay BrennanCorrespondent IMay 27, 2010

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The show kicked off with the weigh-in of Kyle Noke and Kris McCray.

Dana White said that he knew that Noke and McCray are friends. He wanted them to know that “there are no friends in the UFC.”

Tito Ortiz advised that the doctors have recommended surgery for his neck. Ortiz said that he would not make the same mistake by fighting Chuck Liddell injured.

A few clips of Noke and McCray training were shown and the producers wasted no time getting to the fight.

Kyle Noke vs. Kris McCray Fight:

Round 1

Both fighters touched gloves like usual and the fight kicked off.

Noke and McCray trade some shots before McCray took Noke down with a double-leg.

Noke rode the fence up to get back up.

They clinched shortly thereafter where McCray dropped Noke with an outside-leg trip.

McCray landed some weak forearms from the half-guard.

When it appeared that McCray reached for a D’arce choke it allowed Noke to stand up.

Noke attempted a guillotine choke to no avail.

Both fighters stood back up where McCray attempted a takedown.

Noke used a kimura from the standing position and executed a sweep, but McCray ended up in his guard.

Noke inflicted more damage from the bottom than McCray did from the top.

McCray looked like he was more aggressive and pushed the action throughout the round.

Round 2

At the start of the round both fighters clinched. McCray dropped Noke again for yet another takedown.

Noke stood back up but McCray took him down with a bell-to-back.

It didn’t look at this point that Noke could prevent McCray’s takedowns.

McCray was very ineffective from the top and didn’t really drop any bombs.

Noke unexpectedly took McCray’s back with 1:57 left in the match.

Noke sunk in a rear-naked choke on McCray that looked like it would end the fight. But he fought through it to prevent the comeback.

McCray got back into Noke’s guard and looked content laying on him.

Judges determined a draw and Dana White announced there would be a third round.

Ortiz is upset with the decision, believing the McCray already won the fight.

Round 3

McCray took Noke for another takedown without leaving any damage.

Noke attempted a kimura on McCray but McCray fought through it.

It was hard to believe that the referee did not stand up the fight sooner, as McCray did not do anything but lay on him.

The referee finally stood up the fight, where Noke landed a flying knee.

McCray proceeded to push Noke against the fence to ride out the round.

Winner Announcement:

Kris McCray won by unanimous decision.


Kris McCray talked about getting support from Noke for the remainder of the show.

Dana White criticized Noke for not having takedown defense.

Brad Tavares vs. Seth Baczynski Fight:

Tavares and Baczynski traded leg kicks after they touched gloves.

They traded a couple of head shots until Baczynski shot for the takedown without success.

Baczynski and Tavares clinched against the cage where he then took him down.

Tavares gave up his back and Baczynski locked in a body triangle.

Baczynski delivered some head shots and attempted a rear-naked choke to no avail.

Tavares attempted to buck Baczynski off his back but he couldn’t shrug him.

Baczynski attempted another rear-naked choke and it appeared like Tavares was done.

Tavares fought out of it, but Baczynski continued his assault from the back.

Baczynski slipped off his back and ended up on the bottom.

Tavares started to throw down some shots from the top and then dove in for half-guard.

Baczynski recovered his guard and attempted a triangle choke.

Tavares picked up Baczynski and slammed him down to escape the triangle choke.

Tavares dropped hammers on Baczynski at the end of the round.

Baczynski delivered an illegal soccer kick on Tavares, who was on all-fours on the mat. It looked like the shot knocked out Tavares for a second.

Baczynski apologized immediately and appeared like he got caught in the moment.

Tavares appeared like he was in dream land when the doctor called it.

Winner Announcement:

Tavares won by disqualification.

Post Fight:

Ortiz blew a gasket when the announcement was made. Team Ortiz disputed the fact that the soccer kick landed on Tavares’s head.

Ortiz started throwing some smack towards team Liddell members.

Liddell went after Ortiz, where Team Liddell members held him back.

Dana White brought Liddell to a private room and told him that Ortiz pulled out of the fight.

In response, Liddell told White: “I’m going to punch him.”

Preview for the next episode:

The ramifications of Ortiz’s decision to opt for surgery could have him taken off the show.

Jamie Yager is set to take on Josh Bryant in the last quarter final match that ends in another post-fight melee.


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