Rockies Fans: The Gods are Talking

AU_COTiger CLinksCContributor IJuly 21, 2008

Is it possible? Is it really a plan? Could it be a strategy from the beginning?  Are the first 100 games of the season a warm-up for the Rockies?

The next series will begin an enlightening look into the final 60 games of the Season. The Dodgers come to town with a six game lead in the NL West.

The Rocks have not done well inside the division.  Seems like a familiar song.  However, their home record has improved along with the slugging percentage and pitching at home in the month of July.

I went to several games this week, and there was a weird feeling in the stadium.  30,000 Rockies fans yelling for Holliday to hit a single home run just after Baker cleared the bases with a big blast to center field.  Boom! There it went. The gods granted the fans' wishes and the Rockies, a lead.

I think the magic is forming. A run is in the near future, and the dismal play of the season's first half has set the perfect storm of opportunity. Teams are beginning to underestimate the Rockies again. Just before the All-Star break, the Rockies' bats woke up and took a series from a strong Marlins team. 

The game on July 4th comes to mind; an 18 to 17 win with a sold out stadium yelling for a grand slam from Holliday......boom, granted by the gods.  

The bats are feeling the call of the wild as the Rockies look to each other to just make a play, stay in it, and most of all just win.

Go Rockies......