Letting Sleeping Dogs Lie — Chris Benoit : The Aftermath Trailer.

Nathan WintersContributor IIIMay 27, 2010


Just a month out from the three year anniversary of the tragic Double Murder - Suicide. It's only naturally many wrestling fans around the world look upon the memories of the late Chris Benoit. 

A former WCW and WWE World's Heavyweight Champion, Royal Rumble winner, multi-time WWE Intercontinental and Tag Team Champion — Chris Benoit was a great wrestler. 

In late June 2007 every thing changed. The image of the once great ring general had been replaced by that of a violent and deranged murderer. Questions were raised in regards to his mental health, his use of steroids and the effects professional wrestling had on the human mind and body  — June 25, 2007 became wrestling's darkest hour. 

With that said, the Rob Feinstein production company — RF Video, has announced on Friday May 28th, 2010 fans can pre-order its latest ' shoot ' video — " Chris Benoit : The Aftermath. "



RF Video via Youtube — 

In a business such as pro wrestling, it is hard to be shocked or surprised by anything. But on one weekend in June of 2007 the wrestling world collectively dropped to it's knees in awe. The bodies of wrestling superstar Chris Benoit, his wife Nancy and their 7 year old son Daniel were found in their suburban Georgia home. The information that would come out regarding their untimely passing would be some of the most shocking in recent memory.

RF Video proudly presents Chris Benoit: The Aftermath. Hear first hand the reaction from the wrestling superstars that knew both Chris Benoit and Nancy. Legendary names in pro wrestling weigh in on the issues that arouse following the tragedies and all of the events that took place.


When the late — great Eddie Guerrero passed in 2005. The WWE was castrated for continually referencing Eddie Guerrero in both storyline and blatant promotion. 

While no one needs to tell you the difference between the deaths of Eddie Guerrero and that of Chris Benoit — The WWE took the quiet approach. Erasing the image of Chris Benoit from short term memory due to the nature of the incident and it's impact on the World Wrestling Entertainment brand. 

With such an emotional impact on the wrestling community many chose the same — Including wrestlers. His life and times were discussed in great detail, as many sadly recalled their favorite Chris Benoit matches. But many knew that would be the end and quietly shut the door in regards to the former Rabid Wolverine. 

After three years, why do RF Video proudly present —  " Chris Benoit : The Aftermath " 

A compilation of footage and outtakes from previous shoots featuring such names as Kurt Angle, Mr.Anderson, The Sandman, Scott Hall and that raging idiot — The Iron Sheik.

Is it simply a bid to share some light on the tragic event that changed the perception of professional wrestling from that of the men and women it effected the most? — Or a disgusting cash-grab proudly presenting a morbid and disturbing insight into an incident most choose to forget? 

You decide.