Undiscovered Talent: Overseas Camp Scouting Reports

Marcus ShockleyCorrespondent IMay 27, 2010

ROSETO DEGLI ABRUZZI, ITALY - JULY 04:  Dimitrios Mavroeidis of Greece shoots to goal against Drago Pasalic of Croatia of the men's 1st and 2nd place basketball game on day 8 during the XVI Mediterranean Games at the PalaMaggetti on July 4, 2009 in Roseto degli Abruzzi, Italy.  (Photo by Getty Images)
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Again, thanks to James Blackburn for his work scouting the 2010 Overseas Evaluation Camp. Here’s James' player evaluations from the camp, which he not only covered for us, but also was a camp scout.

These players were some of the top performers of the camp and definitely improved their stock and their chances of playing overseas.

Julius Cheeks
PG, 6’2”, 185lbs., Mississippi Valley State U
Julius Cheeks profile

Good floor general, good handle, creative with ball—can use both hands. Good shooter and good vision. He is stronger than he looks too. Sometimes over dribbles.

Giovonne Woods
G, 6’3”, 195lbs., Central Washington U
Giovonne Woods Profile (ESPN)

Has great footwork. Great shooter with 3pt. range—also displays good form. Plays good D without fouling—always has hand in shooters face. Has great vision and makes good, smart passes. He's a good re-bounder as well. Very smart and rotated on Defense in games well.

He was matched up with Cameron Stanley on Saturday and matched him shot for shot. One weakness is his size. He is vulnerable to being posted up by bigger 2G’s. He is athletic but needs to get stronger to keep guys from establishing position so close to basket. Giovonne hustles on both sides of the ball and does whatever it takes to win. One of the top 3 players at the camp in my opinion. He will be making money somewhere this coming season.


Seth Haake
G, 6’3”, 180 lbs., Bemidji U
Seth Haake profile

Does not pass the look test at all—but this kid can play with the best of them. Seth scored in bunches and let the game come to him. He was always in the right place at the right time.

He moves well off the ball and has a good left hand. He isn't fast or athletic but picks his spots to score. Haake plays good D and moves his feet despite the fact that he often gives up size and speed in his match up.

He's a good shooter—though his shot was not falling in games—Seth displays great form and uses screens well. He's a very smart player—hefilled the open lane and he can handle the ball and finish on the break. He will surprise you. He also displayed good endurance—when most players were getting tired and winded after playing several games, Seth still had energy.

He's a good solid player on both ends of the floor.


Freddy Little
SG, 5’11”, 180lbs., Miami Dade
Freddy Little profile

One of the quickest guys at the camp—very good handle and has the ball on a string. He's  Good shooter who can also get the rim and finish.


Savoy Fraine
F, 6’8”, 210 lbs., Assumption College
Savoy Fraine profile

Savoy is very athletic, kind of like an Anthony Randolph type. He's a left-hander who can finish with right as well with dunks. Displayed 3 pt. range in games. Good footwork. Needs to get stronger.

Savoy is a project guy—he still has a lot to work on.


Daniel Johnson
SF, 6’5”, 190 lbs., Concord U
Daniel Johnson Profile

Daniel is a Tayshaun Prince type lefty with a smooth jumper and 3 pt. range. He would rather take the ball to the hoop where he can finish with a dunk and he's athletic with long arms.

Johnson is a smart player who is a good re-bounder on both ends of the floor. I talked to one of his friends at the camp who plays for Virginia Univ and he said that Daniel will come to open gyms at UVA in the summer and does more than hold his own.


Cameron Stanley
SF, 6’7”, 220lbs., Wake Forest Univ.
Cameron Stanley profile

Has definitely improved since his Wake days. He has gotten stronger and has increased his range. Cameron is a smart player and he will post up a smaller defender and take bigger defender outside.

He has developed a smooth jumperand is a set shooter who can also put it on the floor. He is a decent athlete as well but needs to improve Defense a little.


Gerald January
PF, 6’7”. 200lbs., U of Montevallo
Gerald January profile

Good hustle player—undersized—but is very active on boards and on defense and boxes out his man on every possession.

However, he needs to get stronger and has a raw offensive game like Ben Wallace but not as strong.

This article originally appeared on BasketballElite.com .


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