Bellator XX Weigh-In Results: Middleweight Semi-Finalists Make Weight

Ken FossAnalyst IMay 26, 2010

I really like the fact Bellator chooses to use Roman numerals. This means when Bellator holds it's 30th card, it's going to be Bellator XXX. 

I expect a Vin Diesel and Ice Cube appearance cage-side for that show. Bellator, don't let me down.

What? You thought I was going to take that somewhere else, didn't you? Dirty minds, all of you. I approve.

Anywho, all 18 fighters checked into the soon to be country of Texas. The results are as follows.



Bryan “The Beast” Baker (186 lbs.) versus Eric Schambari (185 lbs.) – at 185 lbs.

Alexander Shlemenko (184.8 lbs.) versus Jared Hess (185.2 lbs) – at 185 lbs.

Eddie Sanchez (234.4 lbs.) versus Marcus Sursa (219.2 lbs.) – at 265 lbs.

Nik Mamalis (135.2 lbs.) versus Mark Oshiro (135.4 lbs.) – at 135 lbs.



Robert Villegas (205.2 lbs.) versus Aaron Rosa (205.2 lbs.) – at 205 lbs.

Cedric Marks (166.8 lbs.) versus Andrew Chappelle (174.8 lbs.) – at 170 lbs.*

Brian Melancon (161.2 lbs.) versus Adam Schindler (154.8 lbs.) – at 155 lbs.#

Humberto DeLeon (124.6 lbs.) versus Jimmy Flick (124.6 lbs.) – at 125 lbs.

Kenneth Battle (154.8 lbs.) versus Fernando Rodriguez (153.8 lbs.) – at 155 lbs.


* Chappelle and Marks are negotiating a catchweight

# Melancon and Schindler are negotiating a catchweight