Bad Umpiring Propels Texas Rangers to Victory

D.A.Senior Writer IJuly 21, 2008

The White Sox game today demonstrated one of the worst umpiring jobs I have ever seen. The umpire? Hunter Wendelstedt of course. Wendelstedt has a history of bad games, but now it's just getting ridiculous.

In the top of the third inning, Michael Young was batting and had a 3-2 count. Javy Vazquez threw a pitch that replays clearly showed grabbed the plate. However, Wendelstedt called it a ball and Young walked. Then, Josh Hamilton came up to bat, and of course, hit a home run and giving the Rangers a 3-0 lead.

In the rest of the game, Wendelstedt had a very inconsistent strike zone. I counted starting from the third inning how many ridiculous calls were made. He averaged 3-4 an inning, the majority of them against the White Sox.

Joe Crede, Alexei Ramirez, Paul Konerko, Nick Swisher, and Jim Thome were all victims to Wendelstedt's horrendous umpiring. Wendelstedt has a very inconsistent strike zone and that screws up the pichters' and batters' perception, and ultimately decided that fate of the game.

This is not to take anything away from the Texas Rangers. They are an excellent, if not the best offensive club in baseball. It's just that every time the White Sox had a chance to score, Wendelstedt's terrible umpiring hindered the opportunity.

Wendelstedt called a ridiculous game. There should be umpire reviews or something to fix this problem.