Monta Ellis: Should He Stay or Should He Go?

Scotty KaneContributor IMay 26, 2010

There has been a lot of talk the past year or so whether the Warriors should trade Monta Ellis or keep him.

Some think the Warriors should trade him simply because they feel like Steph Curry is the face of the franchise, and the Warriors having a undersized backcourt just won't work.

Others say the Warriors should keep Monta because they want the Warriors to be loyal to him, as Monta was apart of the last few players in the "We Believe" era. Also, they feel that he can co-exist playing with Steph Curry and become a better all-around player.

Monta Ellis is a very talented player—there's no denying that. A second round pick in the 2005 draft, he has improved year by year, with the exception of the 08-09 season, where he was involved in a Moped accident, playing only 25 games that year.

Monta has been a exciting player to watch and can definitely get the crowd involved easily.

Monta is a player that has tons of quickness and can get to the basket without a problem. With a great first step, his jumpshot is okay, but he can be inconsistent with his jumper. His three point shooting improved drastically last season. Defensively, he's not the greatest, but he has improved. He can come up with steals.

On the other hand, he turns the ball over far too many times. He tries to make the impossible plays too many times, and that has cost him. He takes too many shots, can be a selfish player, doesn't have great ball-handling skills, and some feel like he's not coachable.

Good or bad, Monta Ellis is a player that has intrigued other teams—most notably, the Memphis Grizzlies. Memphis has made no secret about their interest in Monta. During this past season, Memphis offered Hasheem Thabeet and O.J. Mayo for Monta Ellis, which the Warriors declined.

The Warriors have said they have no interest in dealing Monta Ellis. However, if they were to change their minds, I'm sure there would be plenty of suitors for Monta.

As of now, this won't be dealt with until the Warriors find themselves a new owner.

Personally, I would like to see the Warriors keep Monta Ellis. I understand both sides of the situation, but I feel like the Ellis/Curry backcourt can co-exist and can be great for years to come.

Will Steph Curry be the face of the franchise in Golden State for many years? Absolutely. But, that doesn't mean Monta can't contriubte along the way. Yes, the Warriors have a small backcourt, but they proved they can play extremely well together.

The Warriors were plagued with injuries last season, and that didn't help neither Ellis or Curry.

During the past season, Monta proved that he is a willing passer and has matured both as a player and person.

There were times last season where Monta would create for his teammates, and they weren't knocking down shots, or production wasn't coming from any of his teammates, and majority of the time he had to do everything by himself.

Granted, early on in the season Curry was getting himself familiar with the league and was hesitant to shoot the ball, but like I said before, it doesn't help when majority of your team is injured and you have to, at times, carry the offense.

What do the Warriors need? Size in the paint—the Warriors need a big man that can contribute consistently.

Drafting a big man should be high on their priority list, but if an offer came up where the Warriors were in position to acquire a big man who can come in and give production right away, then I'm fine with giving up Monta, because most likely that's what it's going to take—putting him in the deal, with others.

It should be interesting to see how all this pans out this off-season.

So, I ask all of you: Do the Warriors trade or keep Monta Ellis?