The Straight Edge Savior CM Punk's Mask of Shame

JC AugustineCorrespondent IMay 26, 2010


After the match that stole the show at the less-than-stellar debut of the Over the Limit PPV, many fans were wondering: "Is the CM Punk/Mysterio feud over?" and "What will now happen to the Straight Edged Savior now that he has the Hulk Hogan hair cut?" 

Well my friends, I have a photo that is worth more than a thousand words.  


Please take a look at the photo above, and no, it is not photo-shopped.

It is a picture taken by a faithful fan, Jimmy Davis, at the Tuesday night tapings of SmackDown!.

CM Punk is wearing a mask to hide the shame of the haircut that was given to him by Rey Mysterio. 

Now I personally do not believe that the feud is over. Imagine a mask vs. mask match at Money in the Bank (a multi-man ladder match for the belt) or for SummerSlam.

In my opinion, Rey must then lose his final match with CM Punk in order to make the most compelling storyline in recent WWE history. 

Rey would lose his mask by losing, but his face would not be shown. Instead he puts on a mask for Straight Edge, as per stipulation. Then the SES would kidnap Mysterio and brainwash him. 

Punk would then begin his era of dominance. Gallows and Mysterio would become tag team champions, and with SES-aid, Punk would become the World Heavyweight Champion.     

Mysterio would continue to be CM Punk’s puppet for months until he is returned to his senses by Evan Bourne (or another babyface that needs a push).

This is my prediction of the future, what is yours?