Why the Buffalo Bills Will End Their Losing Ways

Christopher WhalenCorrespondent IMay 26, 2010

Losing is something no one wants or asks for, yet every team suffers it eventually.  

Some teams lose so much, Pittsburgh Pirates, that it becomes a part of their culture.

The Super Bowl Champion New Orleans Saints suffered decades of losing. Another team that's known losing well is the Buffalo Bills.

Ever since Jim Kelly retired, Bills fans have suffered almost every season.

No Bills QB has lasted started beyond two seasons, and only one, Drew Bledsoe, made the Pro Bowl team. Buffalo has seen so many different signal callers that it's become the norm.

Four straight Super Bowl losses in the 90's. Ten straight seasons of not making the playoffs. Hope of an end to their losing ways has not shown its face much at Orchard Park.

Sports work in cycles. Everything that goes up must come down and vice-a-versa. No one wins or loses forever. 

If the Tampa bay Buccaneers, the New Orleans Saints, the Boston Red Sox, the Chicago White Sox can turn their franchises around, the Buffalo Bills can do the same.

There are other signs of hope within the team itself.

Buffalo drafted top running back and high-octane player C.J Spiller. Last year, Jairus Bird almost won defensive Rookie of the Year honors. 

The question remains as to how long the Bills will keep losing. But make no mistake about it, they will win again.