Can Hendrick Motorsports revive? Gordon's First win still out in the Open

Amanda BradeenCorrespondent IJuly 21, 2008

I can remember last year, almost every single race I watched, I thought to myself, Hendrick motor sports is unstoppable. Will anyone ever beat them?

Then it came to this year, with a new driver at hand. The ever-talented Earnhardt Jr., was going to redeem himself with the best team so far.

Then came Kyle Busch, and them Toyota's. They have dominated this year. And with only two wins for Hendrick, though they are all in the chase.

Everyone is wondering, What happened to the team that dominated last year. Though if you look at statistics, they are not bad even though they do not compare to last year, I feel Hendrick will dominate in the next few weeks, and hope that Gordon's win will come at the Brickyard!