Philadelphia Phillies: "Pheeling the Playoff Race?"

E ASenior Analyst IJuly 21, 2008

The Philadelphia Phillies are doing whatever it takes to push their team over the top in the National League East pennant race.............Not!

To rival Matt LaPorta and Zach Jackson being traded for CC, and Gallagher, Murton and Patterson for Harden and Gaudin, the Phillies answered by trading Cardenas and Outman for Joe Blanton.

Nice move, Pat! One can really emphasize how much effort GM Pat Gillick is putting into this club by making a big splash on the trade market. I can't say that he exactly made a good trade for his club—or even a decent trade for his club.

All I can say about the Joe Blanton deal is that Gillick jacked up his team's chances in the future. Gillick traded his second and fourth highest rated prospects, Cardenas and Outman, respectively, to get a disappointment of a pitcher.

Gillick may have been able to get CC Sabathia with this package, or Rich Harden, if he had chimed in a week or two earlier. After seeing how dominating Sabathia has been the past season and a half, and how great Rich Harden is when healthy, why did Pat Gillick settle for Joe Blanton, of all pitchers?

Why trade Outman, who has been lights out in the minors? Especially when you are landing a guy who is 5-12, a WHIP of nearly 1.5 and an ERA over 5.00. The Phillies are really building up a laughing stalk of a team, and they're doing it under the radar.

With a rotation soon to be headed by Brett Myers and Joe Blanton, they will not be intimidating anyone with their rotation. Nice try, Pat Gillick, but Joe Blanton won't push you over the top to a division crown. Good luck holding off the Mets and even the Marlins this September. And, better luck next time on future blockbusters.