Cabana's Next Location

Bubba ChuckContributor IMay 26, 2010


Carlito was released by WWE as of May 21, 2010. Due to his first violation of the WWE Wellness Program and his subsequent refusal to attend a rehabilitation facility. Now what is heading to Carlito’s future?

Now, we look at Mr. Anderson (Mr. Kennedy), Brian Kendrick, Rob Van Dam, Jeff Hardy, D’ Angelo Dinero (Elijah Burke), etc. Who were gone from WWE to TNA

Carlito was a former U.S. Champion and Intercontinental Champion. WWE pushed him great early of his career. Being a champion on his debuts and even locked on a Chamber on New Year’s Revolution 2006. He even had a “cool” segment named, Carlito’s Cabana. He made a good tag team run with Primo. But, not as good as the likes of Dudley’s, Hardy Boys, etc. Couple of years ago, there was a rumor that Carlito should go to TNA because of lack of push. He should’ve become a World Champion. I mean, c’mon, Sheamus as a former WWE Champion?. Then Carlito wasn’t even had a World Title? Carlito is definitely better than Sheamus or Jack Swagger. He can fly or do a suplex. And even a submission. He could’ve been a all-around wrestler.

If he go to TNA, he’ll have a cool crowd reaction definitely. But TNA should use him properly and work on his previous gimmick such as a guy who spits in the face who he thinks doesn't know what cool is. Or maybe, just maybe. If Shelton Benjamin negotiates to TNA, they might build a tag team which consists of all-around ability, it can be named as "The Cool Standard". Carlito is better than Charlie Haas if you agree. And that would be great