Cesc Fabregas's Dad Tells the Press: 'My Son Is Moving To Barcelona'

John SmithCorrespondent IMay 26, 2010

LONDON, ENGLAND - MARCH 31:  Cesc Fabregas (R) of Arsenal is tackled by Sergio Busquets of Barcelona during the UEFA Champions League quarter final first leg match between Arsenal and FC Barcelona at the Emirates Stadium on March 31, 2010 in London, England.  (Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images)
Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

This offseason blogging is a real bitch. I've certainly gone off the rails in the month of May probably logging about three Internet pieces, all of which are filled with logorrhea and poo words.

It´s been a busy month for me here in Spain with my Gaelic football tournament in Madrid, Champions League final in Madrid, and generally mountainous load of work on my office every day when I get to my lovely law firm here in Valencia.

Blogging was something I did to switch off. To relax. To take a load off. Well, that and another where you have to move your wrists pretty fast to get any work done.

However, when the only thing to blog about is how your best player is going to be sold to the club you hate more than any in the world...well that is hardly Zen Buddhism time is it?

So what's happened in the last since week I last blogged in?

Chamakh signed

We've bought the Moroccan god of aerial prowess, Marouane Chamakh, on a free transfer from Bordeaux. It´s been remarked that he looks like Adebayor when he plays, and there is certainly no denying that. I've also heard people say he looks like CR9, but I don´t see it.

If he could look more like CR9 when he played and Adebayor when he didn't, I'd probably be a bit happier, but like Jagger said, "you can't always get what you want."

I personally think he looks like a velociraptor, but that's just me.

Merida signed

Not for us though, dummy! He's left for his boyhood club Atletico Madrid, which was no big surprise since the contract was signed in February, which I found out through my law firm and told you guys on this blog. But not too many people listened to me, and I had someone post on my bleacherreport last week that MERIDA HADN'T SIGNED FOR ATLETICO. Samir Hill I think it was?

Yup that's right, I'm calling you out publicly, because you were very wrong, and I told you that Merida had left! 

Don't be surprised if he kicks on from here and moves on to Valencia or Barcelona in the future. He's a decent player, but at his level right now he just isn't good enough to get a look in at Arsenal. Wilshire, Ramsey, Nasri, Diaby, and Denilson are all young players who Wenger seems to fancy above the Spaniard. Never mind Cesc...which is a nice segue to...

Cesc Fabregas Soler

Well, I'm pretty convinced now that he's on his way.

There were reports yesterday coming from his father saying, "He wasn't sure what Arsenal would do, but he thought they would eventually give in and give Cesc what he wants."

I think that's the most damning piece of information we have received as of yet. If the father is coming out and saying he wants to leave, it's certainly the truth, and let's remember that his father is a reasonable guy—unlike Bendtner's father, who is most likely the reason why Bendtner thinks he's better than Jesus.

While I'm no doomsday addict, I pride myself on my predictions, and I would be VERY surprised to see Cesc Fabregas in an Arsenal shirt come next season. Expect a shitty top 10 blog about replacements in the coming days.

Where would we get the money for said replacements?

Nigerian Owners

Some billionaire for Nigeria has been linked with Lady Nina Bracewell-Smith's shares (I love that she is always referred to by her FULL NAME), and he subsequently informed the press that he wasn't interested in the shares.

That´s all for today.

Later folks,