Sweepin' Up the Sox...

Scott FowlerCorrespondent IJuly 20, 2008

Anaheim, Ca - SWEPT.

The Angels took all three games against the visiting reigning world Champs - - The Boston Red Sox - - in a series that had many analysts thinking October Warmups.

Angels skipper Mike Scioscia - - always the stoic, just said it was a July three game series, and didn't speak to anything beyond that, which is the right thing to do.

For Him.

As for me, I actually was around to post all weekend, and after the drubbing the Halos put on the Sox friday night, I decided not to do the usual post-and-ruin-the-karma thing and ride it out through saturday.

Then they won that one, too, and so I figured I'd let the finale play out before saying anything to ruin the karma.

And here we are, three games, three different kinds of wins for our Halos against a team that, for better or worse, has been their Kryptonite come October - -and even through the regular season - - these past few years.

Friday, The angels just got it done, winning 11-3. Saturday was a little closer, and the Halos came back in the 7th to win it.

Same thing today.

I won't break the games down, but I will comment that I think the Angels are no longer AS star struck against the Red Sox as they used to be. I also think this WAS a huge statement series, in retrospect, because I think the Red Sox were comfortable with even small leads in Anaheim- and rightfully so given their sucesses here. I think they are starting to realize that we are no longer intimidated by them, and we can get it done even without huge bats.

Btw, the consecutive pitch Homers against Boston Knuckleballer Time Wakefield today (Guerrero, then Hunter) was AWESOME.

How you like me now?

Not to mention Guerrero's homer that started it all against Beckett in the seventh in yesterdays victory. Just expose one chink in the armor. We'll find a way.

I'm startin to feel it again...

Feels like...

Feels like winners.