Dunfee's Dose: Daniel Bryan's Future, Abyss's Gimmick, Drew McIntyre

Christopher DunfeeContributor IIMay 26, 2010

How is everyone doing? Thanks again for checking in for this edition of Dunfee’s Dose: Tuesday Morning Piledriver. Here we go addicts.

WWE NXT 5/18/10:

-Wow, what a tremendous promo from Daniel Bryan. Daniel really impressed me Tuesday night with his overall approach and it seemed like more of a shoot than a worked interview. Not a fan of the feud their getting at with Michael Cole, but I couldn’t be more happy for Daniel Bryan with that performance.

I definitely believe he has a future in this business, whether it be TNA or WWE but a ring attire overhaul is drastically needed, the plain generic red trunks and boots got to go.

Daniel Bryan is definitely farther along at his mic work than C.M. Punk at this point of their WWE careers.  If their is room for a guy like Punk at the top of the WWE card with his look and ring set, their should definitely be a place for Mr. Bryan.

-Darren Young being eliminated from the competition came as a surprise to no one. I definitely expected him to be eliminated a week ago. Never a fan of his overall look, “it” factor, mic work, or even in-ring work.

-Heath Slater is my favorite to grab the next elimination, not a whole lot of tools to work with there in my opinion. Slater is ok on the mic but his overall look is really bringing him down in my view. Only thing going for him is the crowd reaction he draws from bring Christian’s rookie.

-Justin Gabriel definitely is a talent young man when it comes to ring work, but it takes a lot more than that to succeed in the WWE. Not the greatest mic worker and his look is far from spectacular. Seeing as how Evan Bourne hasn’t amounted to much, I don’t see a very bright future for Gabriel on the WWE roster.

-David Otunga remains by far and away my favorite rookie. Only superstar that I felt from the beginning had superstar type potential. He has an incredible look, mic skills have been exceptional thus far, and he definitely has an “it” factor. Being romantically linked with a famous star like Jennifer Hudson helps. There is still a lot to be desired of Otunga in the ring but it should come in time with experience. If Otunga doesn’t come out the clear cut winner at the end of this competition, it will be a crime.

-Wade Barrett is a guy that has grown on me a bit, but I still don’t see a main event caliber star in the making either. Barrett reminds me a bit of a poor man’s Drew McIntyre, but I can definitely see him having a successful run as a mid-card talent in the WWE.

TNA iMPACT! 5/20

-I like the new concept of the rankings system that TNA has incorporated, just not sure I love the whole concept behind it, but the idea is definitely intriguing.

I really can’t complain too much about how the rankings unfolded, but I do have to question Sting being ranked #1 to an extent. I still can’t complain too much however, Sting vs. RVD is a new fresh match between two big profile names.

-Is it me or did Ms. Tessmacher get so much hotter than her days in WWE as apart of Extreme Expose with Layla and Kelly Kelly? She definitely looks good.

-Didn’t watch a lot of Roxxi earlier in her TNA career, but I never think its a good idea to have someone beat a champion clean and convincingly their first night back on a show. Way to bury your TNA Knockouts Champion, Madison Rayne. Also, where was the rest of the Beautiful People? I was sad that I didn’t get to witness the best entrance in TNA history.

-Really enjoyed Kurt Angle’s promo, he is definitely one of the best in this business. Look forward to seeing Angle fight his way to the top of the rankings.

-Not sure about the execution of the match on iMPACT!, but thus far I have really enjoyed the feud between Orlando Jordan and “The Freak” Rob Terry up to this point. Way to build an old-school type feud creative team, keep up the good work.

-Not sure what to expect about Jay Lethal’s gimmick change, without it he is just another guy to me, who belongs in the X-Division.  He is definitely very talented with his ability on the mic, especially with his impersonations, and can work in the ring. I just don’t know if I am seeing a guy that should be in the position he is currently in.

-Although Desmond, Chelsea, and Abyss have done a great job with what they have had to work with, I am not a fan of the storyline and find it a bit too “corny” for my liking. Abyss’s character has become a joke to me and I definitely think he should be more of a “Kane” type character. Desmond is way above this and deserves a chance at the main event. The fans obviously believe he is ready according to poll rankings, he has the ability to work on the mic, and is a really good in-ring talent.

-Eric Young is useless to me when it comes to being a star on this roster. I really do not see anything for him and he personally creeps me out. His look is atrocious and his voice is incredibly annoying to hear. All this guy is good for is jobbing in the X-Division and that’s being generous.

-I am not as high as many on Kazarian but I can definitely see something there.  It should definitely be interesting to see where this whole thing with Ric Flair goes from here. I would definitely like to see Kaz replace A.J. Styles. I think A.J. is out of place in the gimmick and works better as a silent face than a talkative heel. I think Kaz could fit right in as that type of character.

-Wow, Sting and Jeff Hardy meet for the first time, yet another match that shouldn’t be on free TV and its not even live, but a nice treat for the fans. Also, can we get Sting without his shirt? It just looks so weird, at least make the man some new ring attire if his weight is starting to show.

Mr. Anderson looks like he is being turned into a full-fledged face and I don’t like it all. TNA is severely lacking top heels in the company as it is, so it really doesn’t make a lot of sense for them to turn their brightest young heel, face.

WWE SmackDown! 5/21

-JTG wrestling Caylen Croft from the Dude Busters tag team. If JTG was going to be engaged in a feud with a tag team and Shad was going to do absolutely nothing, why did they split them up? Put them back together or keep yourself on the track and groom JTG into a singles competitor please.

-Good match between Kofi Kingston and “The All-American American” Jack Swagger. I would have preferred to see their first altercation be at a PPV, but WWE does this type of thing all the time. Is there anyway we can have Jack Swagger win a match clean against someone besides John Morrison? He pinned Randy Orton in an Extreme Rules match but has yet to win clean against any top competitor of note and has constantly jobbed since becoming World Heavyweight Champion. Can we please build a young champion for once? Please?

-I am starting to dig the new tag team of Vance Archer and Curt Hawkins, definitely interested in seeing where the future takes both of these guys.

-The Peep Show with Hornswoggle was a total disaster in my book. I could care less for the little guy and it was a major letdown for the return of Christian’s segment. Vickie can always draw the heat but Chavo Guerrero is irrelevant to me anymore. Interested to see where they are heading with this Dolph Ziggler-Christian feud, hopefully they can help build this a little more in the coming weeks.

-Rey Mysterio & MVP take on C.M. Punk and Luke Gallows. How many times do we have to see Punk and Mysterio in match? At least we finally see MVP get some good exposure on the top of the card. MVP is definitely worthy of being pushed and is one of WWE’s most well rounded stars.

-Big Show-Drew McIntyre was pretty much a throwaway at the end of the show, but I definitely see some good in McIntyre. He has grown on me in recent weeks and I definitely like the momentum he has right now.

WWE Over The Limit – 5/23

-Don’t have a problem with Kofi Kingston as Intercontinental Champion. Kofi is a tremendous worker and is very over with the crowd. I am just upset that WWE seems to plant these US and IC Championship on workers, let them sit on them for 5 months, and in their first big defense of the belt, they drop the title. Drew McIntyre had a lot of momentum going for him and I think its a shame he had to drop the title so soon.

Instead of continuing this feud, it seems as if they are putting McIntyre with Matt Hardy. I really wish Matt would just disappear. I think he is one of the most overrated performers in the WWE and is living off of his brother’s success. McIntyre needs to be focusing on feuding with other young stars and more established top performers instead of wasting time with this never-has-been.

-After WWE slapped me in the face with the opening, it got even worse. One of my favorite performers at the moment is “The Fortunate Son” Ted DiBiase. I am eating up everything he has done with his current gimmick and bringing back his dad’s old protege, Virgil.

I was extremely upset to see DiBiase job to Randy Orton in their triple threat at WrestleMania but I was outraged to see DiBiase job to R-Truth. DiBiase needs all the help he can get as a young star, you do not need to keep burying him, especially by an almost 40 year old performer who has pretty much peaked and reached his ceiling in the WWE.

-As much as I love the whole Straight Edge Society gimmick, I am beginning to get annoyed at seeing Mysterio vs. Punk. They are milking this for all its worth and it should have ended a month ago. I can only take so much, and its becoming stale for me. Another good match, even though WWE stopped the match due to blood (this is VERY unnecessary on a PPV).

Definitely upset about Punk getting his head shaved, I really thought it made him stand out as the leader of the group. Hopefully this doesn’t spell an end for the SES.

By the way, how random was Kane? MVP would have made sense, but Kane?

-Hart Dynasty and The Miz & Jericho really put on a great match and was perhaps the best of the night. Really excited to see The Hart Dynasty pick up the victory and remain tag champs.

-Not much to say with Randy Orton and Edge, thought it was a solid match, and didn’t expect a blockbuster. Orton was suffering from an injury and it ended in a Double Countout. This is definitely not the end of it.

-Jack Swagger and the Big Show definitely let me down. I really enjoyed the build up and was very excited for this new fresh match for the World Heavyweight Championship. Swagger needs to start going over clean on more superstars, especially top contenders. Swagger is a young guy with not a lot of momentum, they need to make him look more like a serious threat and be taken more seriously from the WWE audience.

-Sorry, I can’t comment much on the Eve Torres & Maryse match, I was using the restroom and getting some food, it was my intermission time.

-John Cena and Batista seem to have some great matches for as much as they botch spots during their performances. Like most, I really could care less for this bout but it actually turned out to be a lot more entertaining than I had anticipated. I actually enjoyed watching most of this match and was a nice send off to their feud.

WWE Monday Night RAW 5/24

-Batista’s makeup job to start the show was really terrible with the fake bruise on his eye. The sling was enough, but the wheelchair was overkill when selling his injuries

-Bret Hart is intriguing as the new RAW GM. Definitely not my first choice by any means but it is something fresh compared to past heel GMs. I always thought a heel GM was a cheap way out for creative and made it their job a little too easy. I was hoping for Ted DiBiase, Sr. and thought my wish was granted when they said “WWE Hall of Famer” but I can definitely live with “The Hitman”.

-With the recent angle, it makes a ton of sense for Sheamus to be in the main event Fatal Four Way at the PPV but when are they finally going to drop it with this guy. He has been a major disappointment with his in-ring ability, his promos leave a lot to be desired, his charisma is abysmal, and his look is horrendous. I really don’t see a lot of potential in this guy. Why does he keep getting these rubs, when their own World Heavyweight Champion jobs every week? Unreal.

-Didn’t pay much attention to the Divas tag match outside of the entrance. Didn’t care too and I still don’t, someone fill me in on if it was entertaining or not.

-Is it necessary to have a random match like R-Truth and The Miz to crown a new US Champ? Could we not have had a tournament to crown a new champion? No, I am not talking about 4 people, a tournament is at least eight people in my book. Zack Ryder, Evan Bourne, John Morrison, and plenty of others are getting paid for a reason, lets utilize him. I really don’t mind R-Truth but he doesn’t need this title to get over, he is really over. He is also almost 40 years old and has reached his peak as a performer with this company.

-I don’t know why, but the guest host segment with Jon Lovitz was terrible, it was pretty much the same exact segment as the one they did when the Osbournes guest hosted. Ted DiBiase tried to save it, but in the end, even that wasn’t enough. Ted deserves better than stupid segments like this and getting buried on a weekly basis.

-Vladimir Kozlov and William Regal definitely intrigue me as a legit tag team, but WWE doesn’t feel the same way with the way they have been utilized lately. I was like “Why is this necessary?” after the Hart Dynasty squashed them, but then The Uso Brothers hit the ring. The sons of former WWE star Rikishi, Jimmy and Jules, along with, the daughter of WWE Hall Famer Jimmy Snuka, Tamina definitely look intriguing as a tag team in the WWE. Hopefully WWE doesn’t drop the ball on this one and we get our first legit tag team feud in a long while.

-Wow, how bad was the RAW main event, you could have made a whole episode of Botchamania from that match alone. Not surprising to anyone that Edge won, nonetheless, the rest of the stars that qualified for the RAW main event Fatal Four Way match.

Stock Up:

Sting – Big huge boost for Sting as he was named the #1 contender for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship at Slammiversary and is currently drawing a ton of heat from the TNA crowd.

R-Truth – Big week for R-Truth as he had a very nice victory at WWE Over The Limit and became the NEW WWE United States Champion after defeating The Miz last night on Monday Night RAW. Nice to see Truth finally get what he deserves but it is a bit too late at this stage in his career at 38.

Stock Down:

-John Morrison – For whatever reason, Morrison hasn’t been featured much at all on WWE programming since being drafted to RAW. Morrison has not competed since a house show victory over Vladimir Kozlov over a week ago and seems to be getting lost in the shuffle on the stronger RAW brand. Its a shame that such a young well-rounded performer such as Morrison is getting buried at the moment.

-Abyss – Is there anyway we can get TNA management to change this man’s gimmick because it is seriously hampering his growth. One of TNA’s true top original stars is dead with the TNA crowd and this Hogan persona is really holding him back.

Hottie of the Week:

-The Bella Twins – Maybe the only good thing about the Jon Lovitz segment.

Match of the Week:

-The Hart Dynasty vs. The Miz & Chris Jericho – Some may not agree but I actually cared who won this match and it was an exciting back and forth affair with the great chemistry of the Dynasty as well as the tremendous in ring work of Chris Jericho and the always reliable Miz.

Dud of the Week:

-Jack Swagger vs. The Big Show – Not to any fault of either competitor but this was way too short of a match and both of these guys deserve better than that. The finish was like, what the….., this is really over?

Promo of the Week:

-Daniel Bryan – WWE NXT – Bryan showed he is a complete w

Bold Prediction:

There will be a new WWE Champion on the RAW brand at the Fatal Four Way PPV, meaning John Cena will not be walking out champ.

Until next time…..I hope everyone got their fix…..

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