WWE Over The Limit. Results/Review

SlamZillaContributor IMay 25, 2010

From Detroit Michigan, in my own back yard, we have another of the WWE’s new Pay Per Views, Over The Limit.

     The first match of the night saw a contrast of styles as the exciting Kofi Kingston faced the boring Drew McIntyre for the Intercontinental Championship.   In all fairness this was a decent enough match, with Kofi adding his usual high flying thrills to what would otherwise be another McIntyre snorefest.  In the end Kofi defeats Drew with his S.O.S. and we have a new Intercontinental Champion.  Of course after the match Drew whined that he wanted Teddy Long to reverse the decision, until Matt Hardy showed up and laid him out with a twist of fate.

     Next up was Ted Dibiase vs R-Truth.   Much like the fist match, we have Dibiase who may have the looks, and perhaps a bit of skill, but definitely none of the charisma of his father.  And R-Truth who is at the very least, entertaining.  From what I understand, Dibiase suffered some sort of injury during the match.  Some are saying a concussion.  Which would at least explain why he seemed to be woozy through half the match.  Thankfully this one was short, with R-Truth getting the win.

     C.M Punk vs Rey Mysterio.   Now we finally get to something good.  These two have had very good matches in the past, and this one was no different.  They also seem to come up with new moves and combinations that make each match a little different than the last.  The only low point in the match was a brief pause in the action when Punk accidentally got busted open and was being tended too. (please WWE, stop doing this during pay per views)  But aside from that, this was certainly one of  the highlights of the night with Mysterio getting the win, and Punk getting his head shaved.

     The Hart Dynasty vs Chris Jericho and The Miz.   There really isn’t a whole lot to say about this one.  It was a solid match for both teams, but you just know that Jericho and Miz were thrown together to give the Harts somebody to face.  Overall though, it was a good match, with The Hart Dynasty retaining the Tag Titles.

     Edge vs Randy Orton.    Good Grief, where do I start?  We keep coming back to this theme of good wrestler vs boring wrestler.  I like Edge, and this recent heel turn was a good idea, since I find he gets over more as a bad guy.  But then he is forced to have matches with a stiff like Orton.  I still can’t understand his popularity right now, but it is what it is.  Anyway, this one was about as good as you can get considering Randys frequent rest holds and such.  But its the ending that really had me laughing.  Ortons ritual of beating his fists on the mat just before he sets up an RKO actually ended up aggravating an injury that he got earlier in the match to the point where he couldn’t continue.  So, they ended up spilling out of the ring where Edge misses a spear and hits the retaining wall so they could both be counted out.  Wow!

     Big Show vs Jack Swagger.   In a match that could make or break the early career of Jack Swagger as a World Champion, this one would have to be considered a failure.  Big Show is one of those guys that is hard to have a match with because of his size, so its always interesting to see how his opponent handles this.  A really good Wrestler can pull off a decent match with anybody, even Big Show.  And for the fist part of this match, it looked like Swagger was doing just that.  He held his own, and was looking good even when he was taking a beating.  But then the thing that ruins a match.  Swagger takes the Championship Belt and blasts the Big Show with it, and gets DQ’ed.  Seriously, this was done on a Pay Per View?  So we have a quick ending to what was starting to look like an okay match. 

     Maryse vs Eve Torres.   I honestly could care less about the Barbie Belt, but I really like Eve.  She has the potential to be the next great Diva in the WWE.  And with Micky James gone, they need her more than ever to step up.  Which tonight she did.  Maryse is always fun to watch, but tonight even her awesome hair flipping couldn’t get it done.  Winner, Eve.

     Batista vs John Cena.     This one was being billed as Batista’s last match against Cena for the Championship.   Knowing that Batista was planning to take some time off pretty much told you in advance who was going to win this one, but finally tonight there was a match that was Pay Per View worthy.  I quit matches are fun because you can get away with anything, and brawl all over the arena, which these two did.  One highlight was Batista passing out to the STF, only to have Cena revive him with some bottled water.  Others included some brawling up in the crowd, and near the end, up on the stage where Batista tried to back a car into Cena.  (he can’t say I quit if you crush him with a car)  But the end saw Cena taking Batista up onto the hood of said car, and just as he set him up for an Attitude Adjustment, Batista quit.  But, Cena did it anyway and threw Batista off the hood of the car onto the stage….right through the stage. 

     In all, this was not a very good effort for the WWE.  But that ending was worth seeing.