Joe Blanton to Phillies: Don't Get Too Excited, Philadelphia

Sam RobinsonCorrespondent IJuly 21, 2008

Joe Blanton has been traded from the Moneyball A's to the Philadelphia Phillies. All I can say is, don't get too excited, Phillies fans. This is barely an upgrade for you over Adam Eaton.

Remember what happened to the last batch of A's pitchers that branched out into big market cities?

1. Barry Zito had a $126 million contract and put up an ERA around 5.00 for the Giants over the past two years.

2. Mark Mulder has been so injury ridden that he may never pitch again in the majors.

3. Tim Hudson has gone from Ace to decent pitcher.

And trust me, Blanton in his prime isn't even close to what Zito, Mulder, or Hudson were in theirs.

With Harden and Blanton now traded away, one more A's pitcher needs to move for the trifecta to be complete again. Can anyone say Houston Street?