NY Super Bowl Bid: Most Media Hate The Idea

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NY Super Bowl Bid: Most Media Hate The Idea
Mike Stobe/Getty Images
Are they jealous...or just selfish...?

Many mainstream media types are dead set against the idea of holding the Super Bowl in the New York area.

Their reasons? Some say weather, others cite logistics.

ESPN's "Dr. No", Skip Bayless (who the "birthers" should be after rather than President Obama for his constant resistance to all that is best for this country), of course thinks holding the Super Bowl in NY is absurd.

The weather should not dictate the league's biggest game according to him. But it's OK that it dictates every game leading up to the Super Bowl....bad excuse, Skip. Say yes to one good idea for once, will you..?

Syndicated radio host Colin Cowherd, who always makes logistical points in his arguments, is also against having the game in New York.


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