Villarreal: Waiting To Sell Before Bringing in More Talent

Cristian SireraContributor IMay 25, 2010

VILLARREAL, SPAIN - SEPTEMBER 30:  Villarreal players (Bottem L-R) Santi Cazorla, Giuseppe Rossi, Marcos Senna,Angel Lopez, Robert Pires and (Top L-R) goalkeeper Diego Lopez, Sebastian Eguren, Joan Capdevila, Joseba Llorente, Gonzalo Rodriguez and Diego Godin pose for a team picture prior to the UEFA Champions League Group E match between Villarreal and Celtic at the El Madrigal stadium on September 30, 2008 in Villarreal, Spain. Villarreal won the match 1-0.  (Photo by Jasper Juinen/Getty Images)
Jasper Juinen/Getty Images

Villarreal's president Fernando Roig seems to have it all planned when it comes to his club, and this summer is no different.


His coach Juan Carlos Garrido will have to wait and see who leaves Vila-real, before knowing how much he will be able to spend strengthening the team for next season.


With several key players not ensured to stay in Vila-real throughout the summer, Villarreal could see several changes when it comes to the starting eleven.


The chances of three of them leaving in particular could mean the beginning of a transition process in the way Villarreal plays.


Diego Lopez: The Galician goalkeeper has a very good reputation in Europe, having given a run for his money to Victor Valdes, De Gea and Andres Palop when it came to going to the World Cup as a third goalkeeper.


Lopez lost his place for Victor Valdés in the Spanish national side, but he has completed a strong season nevertheless.


Several teams in England and Italy are following Lopez, who turns 29 in November; the best from Villarreal's player is still yet to come; he is about to hit his prime. 


With Villarreal not likely to play a continental tournament next season (they are still awaiting on the UEFA's decision though), Lopez could see himself playing in another country.


However, since Villarreal already paid six million Euros for who used to be Real Madrid's goalkeeper two years ago, it is unlikely that Roig will sell for less than 10 million. Not like that would be a problem for Manchester City, United or Milan, though.


Marcos Senna: Senna has been Villarreal's symbol of a growing team that became one of the best in Europe overnight. He came from Brazil on a gamble by Villarreal's board, got injured and did not play for eleven months right off the bat, and did not have his opportunity until a year and a half after signing.


However, Pellegrini never gave up on him, and he responded accordingly. Since then, he has become one of the best defensive midfielders in Europe, and at the same time, a key player in Spain's Euro 2008 victory. A true underdog story.


Now about to turn 34, Marcos does not have as many fans as he used to in Vila-real; for one his coach Juan Carlos Garrido does not see him as important for the team anymore; he even said so in a conversation with Fernando Roig that was leaked to the press and caused huge controversy within the club.


Several teams in Turkey, where he still has a prominent reputation, as well as England and Italy, follow him closely. Marcos could very well have spent his last season in Vila-real.


Giuseppe Rossi: The Italian kid is not much of a kid anymore. Giuseppe has grown and shown he is capable of pulling a team forward with his winning attitude and talent.


At age 23, he has just been confirmed as one of the privileged ones who will be in South Africa with the azurri national side. Manchester United and more aggressively Juventus, want him as soon as possible.


On the other hand, the human touch Fernando Roig gives to Villarreal could mean the Italian will not be leaving anytime soon. Roig gave Rossi an unlimited vacation when his father died some months ago in New Jersey.


Even as Villarreal was playing to save the season both in Europe and La Liga, the president made clear that the player was first, and that is something Giuseppe has thanked him for many times.


Villarreal is known for taking care of its players as family; that will surely count for something as other European teams come to Vila-real with lots of money and desire to snap Rossi out of Villarreal's hands.

Whatever happens this summer, Roig and Garrido will have to wait and see who leaves first before they bring any important players to Vila-real.