Who Is Charlie Whitehurst?: Digging Deeper into the Seattle Seahawks QB

12th Man RisingContributor IMay 25, 2010

Shaun and I don’t tend to disagree on a lot of topics, say except for our Cougar/Husky jabs, which, as far as sports are concerned, in the words of Jim Carrey, I have to “bend over and take it up the tailpipe” this year.

One thing we do seem to disagree on is the acquisition of Charlie Whitehurst and the optimism each of us has on how successful he will be as our inevitable starting quarterback.

Debate is healthy. Just look at the top two draft analysts. They cover the same topic year after year, and they get into those really cute spats over little tiny differences about measurables.

I might add my mock draft has scored better than most the past two seasons, but that's beside the point.

This article is not meant to completely bash Mr. Whitehurst. There are some, albeit few, bright spots in the tangible playing time I am going to examine from his college career at Clemson. My goal is to put things in an honest perspective.


Freshman year

Whitehurst stepped in as the starting quarterback roughly midway through his first season, throwing for an efficient 1,554 yards, 10 TDs, and six INTs along with a solid 57.5 completion percentage.

He outperformed upperclassman Willie Simmons, who passed for a similar 1,559 yards and a 58.2 completion percentage but posted a 6/7 TD/INT ratio.


Game Log

In his first significant action, Whitehurst struggled, going 6-of-17 and tossing an interception during a 38-6 trouncing at the hands of North Carolina State.

His next start was much better against North Carolina, tossing three TDs on a 12-of-20, 274-yard day. However, much of the credit should go to the Clemson rushing attack for this 42-12 win, netting 256 yards and scoring four TDs.

His next start was even better, and in fact he set the record for most passing yards in a game by a Clemson QB with 420, in a 34-of-52, four-TD performance, resulting in a 34-31 win against Duke.

The next week, though, against a more formidable opponent, he followed his record-setting game up with a poor performance, going 12-of-26 with one INT in...


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