My Thoughts On Randy Orton Injury

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My Thoughts On Randy Orton Injury

If you've watched the PPV Over the Limit last Sunday, then you know by now what happened to the Randy Orton vs Edge Grudge Match.

Randy Orton suffered a Separated Shoulder, which seemed to have occured off a neck snap on the top rope and aggravated as he was punching the mat, as he usually does, to set up the RKO. 

From what I've observed, and this is by no means a 'proffessional diagnosis', it looks to me like a Type 1 AC Separation. Of course, I based that solely on outward appearance. His shoulder was strangely square and a bump was noticeable, but there was protrusion or appearance of a muscle that got torn. 

This type of injury does not need to be operated on. It just needs to be immobilized for a few weeks, hot and cold therapy, and it should be good as new. Randy is especially susceptible to these type of injuries because he has a "Hypermobile Shoulder", which means it is double jointed.

Different Pro-Wrestling sites reported it was Dislocation, Separation, and some even called it fake.

By now, you would've watched Monday Night Raw and saw Randy appeared just at the last few seconds before the show closed, hence, without any sign of a sling or bandage.

So, is it real or fake?

My thought is that it is real.  Why? Well, there's two obvious reasons.

First, it does not mesh with the storyline to have him injured.  He is in one of the most talked about feuds on Monday Night Raw against Edge.  Having him taken out of the scene via kayfabe injury just does not make sense because it is very premature right now to do so.

Randy Orton is one, if not the only reason (it is for me), people are watching Raw. Especially right now.  He would be a big loss if he has to be taken off the air. Jim Ross agrees with that statement.

Secondly, why would he be "selling" an injury during the match at the PPV, and then not have it even be mentioned the next night? They didn't even show a clip of it.  Also, they reserved him to show up just at the last seconds.  He may not have had a sling on, but you can tell he's avoiding movement on his right arm.

Anyway, I think it's smart of them to still have him around. The most important thing is to keep him visible.  He doesn't have to wrestle. He can just come out like that and be intimidating. He can do promos. Hell, he can even do guest commentating if they want.  But he has to be in the show.

It sure made me happy.

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