Lonely Flyers Fans in Houston: No Game on TV!

Judy DavidsonCorrespondent IMay 24, 2010

Congratulation to the soon to be Stanley Cup winners, Philadelphia Flyers! Hello from Judy in Astroland. Seriously, what a hockey impaired town. I wore my orange and black to the Astro/Rays game and no one noticed. Not a soul...unless you count the five Chick Fil A cows I made do a Moo cheer. 

This is not a vacation, but a series of doctor's visits. For my followers, this is Jeff's post cancer surgery check up. Unfortunately, it was timed for the quest for The Cup. I am hoping for that winning streak to apply to Jeff's tests. It is amazing that a journey that began during Phillies baseball season, took us to surgery at the end of Eagles football season (to the Cowgirls) and the six month check up during the Flyer's playoffs.

I cannot give my pithy comments on the game because there is no Versus network. We were stuck with the computer and blackberry to follow the scores as Philly stuck it to the Habs in five. I am glad we are almost home and look forward to a spirited series.  Time to stop the Chicago Machine in Philly!

There is nothing more lonely than being the only hockey fans in a stadium full of people. It was so hot that the Flyer's jersey I intended to wear to the game stayed in the room. In its place I sported an orange and black hat with Flyer's playoff pin attached along with my National League champions tee shirt. It was Bourn bobble head night, Pedro and Myers were in the dugout, Bourn under performed, snore!

To my friends in Philly, enjoy the moment! Go Flyers, shoot------>score! We will be home in time to watch the games in a hockey friendly environment.