Five Non-NFL Teams That Could Beat the Oakland Raiders

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Five Non-NFL Teams That Could Beat the Oakland Raiders
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While cleaning the basement bathroom of the Bleacher Report main offices, the greatest assets in sports journalism was once again unearthed: The Bleacher Report Crystal Ball of Future Sporting Disasters.

Since the journalist that found it was drunk and suffers from countless learning disabilities, his mind immediately wandered to the Oakland Raiders.

For those that doubt the power of the "BRCBoFSD," please don't forget that it correctly predicted the Raiders' inability to making it to the playoffs in 2008 (or any other year for that matter).

Long thought lost, the "BRCBoFSD" has been unearthed and used to find five (10 was requested, it gave us 115. And No. 6-115 were really close together) non-NFL teams that could defeat the 2010 Oakland Raiders in a regular season football game.

In no particular order:


New Mexico State (NCAA Football)

Cons: 1) Highest turnover rate in the NCAA last year.

Pros: 1) They aren't the Raiders. 2) The have a vague understanding of the game of football.


The Seattle Mariners (MLB)

Cons: 1) Not a football team. 2) Have Carlos Silva sucking money from their funds.

Pros: 1) They aren't the Raiders. 2) They have people that can both throw and catch a ball.


Washington Huskies (NCAA Women's Softball)

Cons: 1) Women.

Pros: 1) They aren't the Raiders. 2) They have won a championship in recent memory. 3) More than ex-cons enjoy watching them play.


Michigan Tech (NCAA Men's Hockey)

Cons: 1) Went 4-24 in the WCHA last year.

Pros: 1) Again, they aren't the Raiders. 2) Even if they suck, they can still get an education and make something of their lives.


The ICC India Team (Cricket)

Cons: 1) Fans have no idea what birth control is, spreading the idea of Cricket to the unsuspecting masses.

Pros: 1) One of many teams that aren't the Raiders.  2) Can hold their heads up high when asked what their profession is.  3) Good tech support.


Is your team missing? Please feel free to add your own team that you think could beat the Oakland Raiders in the 2010 season via the comments section below!


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