Carlito is gone from WWE, but should TNA want him?

SlamZillaContributor IMay 23, 2010

So Carlito has been let go by the WWE.  As the man himself would say, thats not cool.

     But from the sounds of it, Carlito did this to himself.  He violated the WWE’s wellness policy.  There is still speculation on what he did, but either way it was an infraction.  But the reason he got let go apparently is becuase he refused to seek treatment.  Now this just sounds ridiculous to me.  Here you have a person who has a good amount of talent and potential, who is only on his first strike with this, and he won’t go get help?  He would only be gone for 30 days or so, then be right back into the mix.  And lets face it, they haven’t been using him much right now, so would we have even missed him?  So why would Carlito refuse to participate, and get himself fired?  Maybe, just maybe, he wanted to be let go.  As I just mentioned, he really hasn’t been used very much, and I doubt the WWE had any big plans for him coming up.  There was talk of reforming the tag team with his brother, so they could face The Hart Dynasty, but thats about it.  So, if you are under contract, and you want to be let go, perhaps this is how you do it. This would free him up to compete somewhere else.  Somewhere like TNA perhaps?

     But would TNA even want him?  Most people would think so.  Carlito is like a smaller version of Razor Ramon back in the day.  He’s cool, he has talent, and he sells merchandise.  So why wouldn’t TNA want him?  Well, Carlito is also lazy.  One of the main reasons that he hasn’t gone very far in the WWE is the fact that he got comfortable in his position, and made no effort to do better.  He lacks the kind of desire that you see in TNA’s most recent additions, Rob Van Dam, and Jeff Hardy.  Those are the kind of workers you want to bring into a company that is trying to grow. 

     But this is TNA we are talking about.  They also took chances on The Nasty Boys,  and Sean Morely.  So as much as I think that TNA would probably be better off without the dead weight that is Carlito, they will most likely sign him.  Lets just hope if he does wind up on Impact, that he can find his cool again.