Paying The Price For The Love Of The Game

Greg MarshCorrespondent IJuly 21, 2008

Recently, I discovered that the 56th NHL All-Star Game is to be held in Montreal, QC at the Bell Centre. I realized that a trip of this magnitude would likely set me back a few hundred bucks. What I was not expecting was HOW much that would be. The cheapest seat that I could find, was $697 dollars US.

I read on to find that the best seats went for up to almost $4,000 US! Now folks, tell me, who in their right mind would pay that amount to see a hockey game? I absolutely LOVE the game of hockey, but how is the average Joe and his family ever supposed to enjoy an event like this?

I was lucky enough in 2000 to go to the NHL Super Skills competition in Toronto, and that cost me $60. Not too much to see almost all of my hockey heroes in one place. However, I'll likely never get that chance again. I realize the price will likely never go down for such an event, but doesn't that really discourage mostly every Dad from sharing the game they love most with their kids?

Ultimately, I guess one could just go to a regular season season game, and HOPE their favorite player is having a great game, or shows at least some of their stuff that MADE them a star. But if not for the average family, then WHO is the All-Star game directed at?

Corporate Sponsors and the upper-class are the only ones who'll be able to afford to attend. If Gary Bettman is only interested in this game being a corporate shmooze-fest, they it will never be a truly high-class, totally memorable game for ALL to enjoy.