If The 2010 FIFA World Cup Was The Quidditch World Cup, Who Would Win?

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If The 2010 FIFA World Cup Was The Quidditch World Cup, Who Would Win?

Saying a footballer is "magic" or a "wizard" with the ball, has never really carried much weight.

Until now.

I'll ask all of you to let your mind wander back to the time you read "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" (no need for tough guys here, we all know you read it)

Our storied protagonist, Harry Potter has the honor of attending the Quidditch World Cup with the Weasleys. The finals featured Ireland and Bulgaria, neither of whom will be competing in this years FIFA World Cup.

Which got me to thinking, if we put the best footballers in the world on broomsticks, which nation would come out on top?

For those of you who aren't Quidditch savvy (or have had your head buried in the proverbial pop culture sand for the past eight some odd years), here is how the game works.

The game is played in an oval stadium with a grass field, but all players are flying on broomsticks.

Each team is given three hoops of different heights to defend.

The keeper for each team, defends the hoops.

Each squad has three "chasers", who function as forwards, passing the "quaffle" (the main ball) amongst themselves with their hands. Their goal is to throw the quaffle past the keeper and into the hoops, each tally is 10pts. Chasers also have to play the other way as well, defending the opposing team's chasers.

Teams are also outfitted with two "beaters", who are equipped with small bats for beating away flying magical balls called "bludgers". Bludgers are heavy, dangerous and act of their own accord. Beaters use the bats to either direct bludgers at opposing players, or to protect their own teammates from the bludgers' wrath.

Finally, each team has one "seeker". The seeker's sole job is to catch the "snitch", a tiny, golden ball with wings that is released at the beginning of the match.

The snitch also acts of its own accord, buzzing around quite undetected until the game is in full swing.

Once the snitch is spotted, both seekers give chase and try to capture it. Once the snitch is caught, the game is over and the team who has nabbed the snitch is awarded 150pts.

The team with the most points wins the game.

Easy enough? Let's have a look at the top football teams that would fancy their chances in the Quidditch World Cup.

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