Jason Hamiltons Pro Wreslting Opinamania 1st Editon

jason hamiltonContributor IMay 23, 2010

Ah my fellow wresltemaniacs it has been to long. Tonight will be the beginning many opiniamanias if this one is well received, opiniamania will be a collection of many different wrestling opinions of mine mixed together to make a rather " interesting style of opinion base wrestling journalism.

Has raw finaly surpassed smackdown as the better program since the draft?

I say perhaps, for the last several weeks raw has been magnificent while smackdown has been a 2 hour clone of wwecw only with a prestigious championship. Since the draft edge and orton have been putting together a very good program with each other which we can only hope can bring closure to the many unanswered questions of the rated rko split. Raw has had cena and batista which because of the previously mention feud seems almost no existent on raw however, for those who have paid attention thoroughly to the program would realize these two muscle heads have been putting together a rather decent feud although it may not be on par with some of heir classics. Raw has also been a little more wrestling based the past few weeks which is always nice. Smackdown on the other had has had jack swagger running around being an irritating pile of bravado this however is not his fault, the reason i find him irritating is because of the false awards the wwe has hyped him up with that can easily be refuted by trip to the always reliable wikipedia (sarcasm). Smackdown has also received the most annoying character in all of the wwe universe that person/thing being hornswoggle. Okay so maybe horswoggle has not achieved that status yet as that belongs to vickie gurrero (the character not the person) however he is a pointless character that lost all relevance after he stopped helping finaly cheat.


I have often heard people say that as far as in ring ability goes the WWE is not on par with the likes of ROH and TNA, I disagree, I belive the wwe if they wished to put their more on the in ring aspect of pro wrestling we would see just how goode wwe talent is . It is beyond difficult to do the things that ROH currently and TNA used to do in the ring when you are given 3 to 5 minutes to do a match and you have to wrestle a style appropriate for your character, those two things restrict wwe performers. For instance Randy Orton when he first debuted was often promoted by commentators as a heavy weight that likes to fly. May i ask you if randy orton was doing cross bodys and roll ups and jumping over the ropes but was being marketed as the viper a ruthless brawler how much sense would that make? Or if cena the super man of the wwe wrestled a an even match where he went back and forth with an opponent how odd would it be to say " I always overcome the odds and win because i love you people" that would be one awkward promo. See WWE talent is forced to wrestle according to character and the limitations of heavy time constraints placed on them so there is time to talk for an hour and a half during a 2 hour show.

Speaking Of ROH:

I began watching them in January on HDNET and while i do love the intensity and matches the charachter their are just ridicoulos come on el genrico and some guy with herpes and a name that sound like hepititus, come on! when i was told i would not have to put up with weirdo gimmick like the ones on wwe and guess what? I got to see even weirder charachter only with ROH there is like no explanation for anything because of the way they are pretty much are pure wrestling and no story lines. That is why i rank them even with WWE and TNA they make have the opposite problem all wrestling and no wrastlin to make it all go together. (sorry WWE but an when 3/4ths of your programming on most night is promos, to much blabbering is what defines a wrastlin show not blood and gore. I don't even know where the hell vince got the idea that blood and gore where at the heart of the typical wrastlin show when he took shots at tna.

The ignorant comment of the week is:

 From youtube where one tuber said " screw wwe and tna, roh and wcw now that is what real wrestling is" . Really? WCW? Really? WCW was the absolute most talk heavy no wrestling show to ever eeeeeeeeeeeeevvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrr to be broadcast. Hell every memory i have from WCW is people talking now granted i was little but still, most kids remember a huge bump from when the watched wrestling as little kids. All i remember from WCW is a bunch of senior citizens acting out scenes from the soap opera passions in the middle of a ring.


so tell me what you think god or bad all comments are welcome