Raw's Rumoured New General Manager Is... (potential ***Spoilers***)

Luke AdamsonCorrespondent IIMay 23, 2010

Two weeks ago, a new general manager was appointed to Raw in Vickie Guerrero, who then went on to resign the same night due to the intimidation factor from The Viper. Last week  on Raw it was announced that a new general manager will be announced this coming week on Raw.

People on this site have been coming up with names like HHH, Bret Hart, J.R and William Regal. However if sources are to believe, WWE have come up with a much bigger and better option. Yes, the favourite to be named new Raw GM is none other than Abraham Washington.   

Apparently this was WWE's plan as of last week, but things can change, so this has yet to be confirmed.

That is what you call star power. If this strong rumour turns out to be true then WWE have truly made the worst decision of 2010. Nobody cared about him on ECW, so what on Earth makes you think people are going to give a damn about him on Raw? I never wanted to see this characterless, boring and un-talented waste of space again. If this is true WWE, prepare for your ratings to fall. Nobody wants to see Abraham Washington, no-one.

All we can hope is that WWE see sense and prevent this nobody from being in charge of Raw.