Israel Vazquez-Rafael Marquez: Round by Round

Jared Gilkerson@Comatose80Contributor IMay 23, 2010

Round 1
Vazquez comes out with a quick hook to Marquez's chin. They both settle in and Marquez establishes his jab. Both men land some decent power punches throughout the round with a nice flurry by both fighters during the last 10 seconds. 
Marquez 10-9

Round 2
To start the round, Vazquez is already cut on his left eye. It looks like his eye never healed from the last time they fought. Through the first half of the round Marquez is much sharper with his punches and is landing at a much better percentage. The last half of the round turns into a slugfest with both fighters landing some good shots. Marquez lands a handful of power shots to end the round. 
Marquez 10-9

Round 3
Marquez continues his accuracy and is landing solid combinations. The two come together and clash heads. Vazquez is now cut above his right eye from what I believe to be from a punch.
The two come together again and clash heads, this time Vazquez complains and the referee warns Marquez. Vazquez's left eye looks terrible. Marquez then throws a right hand that drops Vazquez. Vazquez gets up, but Marquez keeps landing combinations and Vazquez cannot protect himself. The referee steps in to stop the fight at 1:33. 
Marquez wins by KO

In an opinion I probably share with many other people, it seems as if Vazquez will need a long layoff to heal his eyes. He has had three surgeries on his eyes and it just seems like they haven't healed at this point. Marquez looked very sharp throughout the fight and went after Vazquez's eyes from the get go. If there is a fifth fight I hope Vazquez's eyes are in better shape and these two stellar fighters can continue this amazing rivalry.