College Football Things That Bug Me Part 3

David HedlindAnalyst IIMay 22, 2010

Its been a while since I added to the list of things that bug me. So far there are two articles actually titled that and another that was a little less direct. Anyway just a few more things that have come up that I have to put out there.


A poll would mean that multiple people were asked and their answers were put together to calculate the standings. Please stop with the this is my poll if it is just your opinion and no one else was involved in making it. These would be your rankings but not your poll.

Recruiting Rankings

It isn’t the rankings themselves that I have issue with. No it is the high ranking for a class with average talent but like 30 or more recruits. That or a recruiting class that brings in a whole bunch of one positions where the school is already loaded at that same position. Does either situation really deserve high praise? Maybe. But I am not sold on it.

It is also the stalk people put in to them. Yes the top schools in the rankings generally have the top recruiting classes too. But that isn’t true for all of them and it doesn’t mean success is going to come.


With all the talk of conference expansion and creating divisions I have read many articles set forth in speculation for how conferences would divide.

Many people seem to think naming the Big 10 divisions for Woody and Bo would make sense. I just have to say that’s stupid. As respected as these men were, I find it hard to believe that the other 10 schools would ever agree to it. North/South, East/West even some sort of regional like Mountain and Coastal make more sense.

Big Ten

Well the conference itself doesn’t bug me. None of the teams bug me. Sometimes, some of the fans do, but that’s not where I am going with this.

No my problem here is when people write something about them and refer to them as the Big Eleven or the Big 10 + 1 or the Big 10 (11) or any other such notions.

We all know there are eleven teams in the conference. The official name of the conference is the Big Ten, just go with it. Putting 11 in instead makes it seem as pretentious as THE Ohio State.


Everyone has an idea or two about expansion and realignment. But this is about conferences as a whole. People tend to give their opinion on what conferences should do with only regard to football and forget that conferences play and participate in many other sports.

As well as the athletics, there is also academics. Fitting the profile of the conference in academics is just as important as fitting in in athletics.

Being in or out of a region is less important if the name of the conference isn’t specific, and even then it still happens. Idaho used to be part of the Sun Belt, but no one would think to look for them on a map in that region. Louisiana Tech is in the Western Athletic Conference, I don’t think I need to explain why that doesn’t really fit.

So if the Big Ten or Big XII go after some teams that seem outside their region, don’t forget their names don’t limit them.