Some Pacers 2nd-Round Draft Prospects

Evan MasseyCorrespondent IMay 22, 2010

I've been studying this and there look to be some players that we could snag in the second round that could come in and have an impact on our team off the bench, similar to what A.J. Price did last year, and I thought I would post them and see what you guys think...

Lance Stephenson, SG, Cincinnati

Yeah, this kid might be a bit overrated, and we might not drastically need a wing, but he has an explosive drive to the bucket and he can knock down the perimeter shot. He would be a good option to either push Rush to start, or at least be one of the first guys off the bench for us.

Sherron Collins, PG, Kansas

If Bird for some reason does go big man in the first round, then a guy like Collins might be available in the second. Sure, he's not going to fix our height issue at the point, but he's quick, and loves to pass the ball as well as shoot the three. He would be a huge upgrade from T.J. Ford.

Greivis Vasquez, PG, Maryland

Here's another interesting point guard that we could pursue. Vazquez played at Maryland, and showed an amazing knack for finding his teammates with passes that most point guards can't make, and making it look easy. If we were to bring him in, he could push either Price or Ford for the starting spot (assuming we don't bring Watson back), and could probably end up playing a good amount of time (15-20 MPG) in his rookie season.

Those are just a few guys that I think could be our potential second round picks, they are all guards, I'll look for some big men, but I'm not sure I'll really find all that many. All that being said what do you guys think of that list? And who of those guys I listed would you like to see us draft?