The Top Five Wrestlers That Made The Original ECW

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The Top Five Wrestlers That Made The Original ECW

ECW was the original outlaw of professonal wrestling back in the 1990's. ECW came from Eastern Championship wrestling in 1993 and ever since ECW hit the scene, the wrestling world got a huge shake up.

ECW introduced the wrestling audience a physical, fast paced style of wrestling that was unheard of back in the 1990's and it is the style of wrestling that wrestling currently has today with all of their matches.

ECW was always pushing the envelope to give the fans the best show possible from any wrestling promotion around.

Yes, ECW did shut its doors back in 2000, but it gave the wrestling world so much so I decided to do a slide show on the five wrestlers that I thought made the original ECW a success and that without them, ECW wouldn't have flourished at all.

If you have any comments at all no matter what your views are, leave them below and maybe also give me your list of the five guys that shaped ECW.

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