From Fedor Emelianenko to Randy Couture: Top 10 MMA Man-Crushes

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From Fedor Emelianenko to Randy Couture: Top 10 MMA Man-Crushes

First things first: having a "man-crush," ironically, is the most masculine secret one could reveal. At first glance, you might uncomfortably think, "Hey, there's no way I can crush on another man," but hear me out.

Having a man-crush doesn't take away from your manliness; don't feel obligated to drink an extra tall-boy of PBR, cut off the sleeves of your favorite fighter's t-shirt, or urgently throw on some vintage Bob Seger—it's quite the opposite—it's a celebration of everything awesome in the world of being a man.

Having a man-crush to begin with, is a testament to a fan's appreciation, whether in the realm of sport or entertainment. It's nothing to be afraid of, especially in 2010.

Men, we've come along away. One word: bromance.

The historical turning point in mainstream America—the land of the puritanical, and at times homophobic, cesspool of testosterone—could be seen in Hollywood. With popular movies like I Love You, Man and Superbad embracing good old fashion hetero man-on-man love, more guys started feeling comfortable spooning their best friends after a tiresome night of womanizing at bars.

Scratch that, if you're spooning your buddy, you might have some suppressed feelings or a drinking problem. Everything in moderation, right?

But, no longer do we have to hide our admiration for our heroes. It's acceptable for your girl to play second fiddle on fight night, especially if your favorite fighter is in the main event.

So proudly crush on your favorite idols, actors, and of course fighters. Remember, men, we're not literally crushing on the man, we're crushing on everything that makes him a man.

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