Over The Limit 2010: Luke's Predictions

Luke Adamson@@RealLukeAdamsonCorrespondent IIMay 22, 2010

It is the first WWE Over The Limit PPV, and looking at the match list, it certainly packs a mighty punch. There are many potentially great matches on this card, and for a change the mid-card are getting some time to show-case their talent.

Before I start with my predictions however, I have to divert you to the main picture of this article, which of course features Edge, but more importantly the heel Edge. I have not constructed many articles recently, but I will say at this point that Edge's heel turn is the best thing to happen in 2010. I was getting sick and tired of 'spear, spear, spear' and I am delighted Edge has gone back to his roots as an unstable maniac that will let nothing stand between him and his goals. The Rated R superstar is back.

Anyway onto the predictions:

R-Truth vs. Ted DiBiase w/Virgil

I am delighted to see that Ted DiBiase is recieving a push. This match won't steal the show but it will be entertaining with the now ever present Virgil at ring-side. The likely way the match will unfold is that R-Truth will be on the brink of winning, when Virgil interferes, and Ted capitalises to get a valuable PPV win.

Winner: Ted DiBiase


Diva's Championship: Eve (c) vs. Maryse

The women's division has been improving as of late. We had a great Diva's match at Extreme Rules and have also had some solid efforts on Raw and Smackdown! as of late. I think Maryse is a more recognisable champion than Eve, but Eve has only just won the title so I don't see it changing hands here. Any match with Maryse in is worth watching, even without the wrestling.

Winner: Eve (Still Champion)


Unified Tag Team Titles: Hart Dynasty (c) vs. Mizicho

Another development since my last article has been the rise of Mizicho. In a bid to get back at The Big Show, these two have formed a great team, but the titles won't be changing hands here. I see Bret getting involved in this match and again costing The Miz the chance to regain gold. However, the gold is coming to Mizicho shortly. As for Bret Hart, I am still wondering how on Earth he will defend his title. I like Bret, but I think the title needs to change hands again soon to keep credibility and exposure.

Winners: Hart Dynasty (Still Champions)


Randy Orton vs. Edge

This feud has been built brilliantly over the last month, with Edge's heel turn this feud has become very heated and entertaining. I am however growing concerned that WWE are devenomising the Viper Randy Orton. His slow walk to the ring is no more, and he has even altered his voice somewhat, back to the 2005 days. He no longer looks evil. Orton needs to keep his Edge (no pun intended), that is why fans cheer him. If WWE had kept him heel fans would have cheered even more. They cannot afford to make him become bland.

As for the match itself, I expect it to be very strong and live up to our expectations. It will be very intense. I can see Edge trying to cheat his way to victory, and succeeding to do so. This will allow the feud to continue, soldify Edge on Raw and Orton can get his revenge in four weeks time.

Winner: Edge

Intercontinental Title: Drew McIntyre (c) vs. Kofi Kingston

With the dramatic 'firing' of Drew McIntyre on Smackdown! and then the reinstating the following week costing Kingston his newly won belt, this feud has something going for it. WWE are doing a good job of building heat against Drew while making Kingston more popular. So my prediction is that Drew will find a way to keep the belt, even if it is in defeat i.e. DQ. This allows the feud to then gather more steam in the coming weeks, with Kingston eventually getting the gold.

Who Will Win: Kofi Kingston (Still Champion Drew McIntyre)


S.E.S Pledge vs. Hair Match: CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio

This for me is match of the night by a long way. This feud has been the best in the WWE over the last couple of months and has been built up very well to culminate in this match. But if Mysterio wins, it would all have been for nothing. CM Punk needs this victory, he needs to prove he belongs in the main event and not the upper mid-card scene. If he loses, the crowd get five minutes to laugh as he is shaved bald but that is all the good that will come out of this.

WWE, I dare you for once to do something controversial. Have Punk win. It will be so much better. It will create interesting TV with Mysterio 'working' for the SES for a few months. Mysterio needs to become more interesting. It will be reminicent of the HBK, JBL storyline from 2009 and we all know how good that was. Eventually, Mysterio will get his chance to leave the SES at Summerslam. If Punk wins, everyone wins because he will become a bigger star, Mysterio will become emotionally involved with the fans and Punk will keep his purity. I mean come on, you don't want to see Punk bald do you?

Who Should Win: C.M Punk

Who Will Win: Rey Mysterio

World HeavyWeight Title: Jack Swagger (c) vs. The Big Show

This is WWE's next step in making Swagger a consistent main-eventer. A win against Big Show, no matter how dirty and under-handed will give Swagger more momentum and more heat. Big Show has been pretty much running over Swagger on Smackdown! but now is Swagger's time to get his own back. Next month we will see a fatal four-way match probably featuring Swagger, Show, Undertaker and Punk/Mysterio. Let Swagger keep the belt until then to make sure he is not a transitional champion.

Winner: Jack Swagger (Still Champion)


WWE Championship: John Cena (c) vs. Batista

This sadly has to go down as the most predictable match of the night. I will say this here: There is no way in hell Cena will quit at Over The Limit. Batista is rumoured to be leaving the company soon and it seems all to obvious that he would do so after an I Quit match, the irony is just to severe. If Batista does leave it will be a great shame because his heel run has been spectacular and WWE will lose one of the top talents in the business today. No matter what, Cena is still your champion (to my disdain).

Winner: John Cena (Still Champion)


 Well there are my predictions and no matter what happens, Over The Limit should be a great event that in my estimation has the potential to be better than this years disappointing Wrestlemania. On that note its time to end, any thoughts are of course welcome.