World Cup 2010:Cocky England Plan Winning Party 50 Days Before WC Final

Daniel GoochAnalyst IMay 22, 2010

"Secret" plans have been made by some cocky English civic leaders, to stage a huge World Cup victory parage and party—50 days before the final.

The bosses in London are drawing up plans for a massive party—despite the fact they last won the tournament 44 years ago.

The big event would bring the whole of the city to a standstill. 

It is thought that transport authorities and police chiefs will get involved in deciding the best place and time for the parade.

One "insider" has said that the procession would "eclipse anything seen before." 

Then added: "Planning officials have to prepare for events like this months in advance—even if they are just a possibility."

"Traffic, police and routes have to be planned. Thousands of fans would line the streets to celebrate the cup being won by England for the first time in more than 40 years."


Scotland fans haven't been supportive of the plans. 

The Tartan Army spokesman, Hamish Husband said: "The street party is already planned for when England get put out. The Tartan Army is a modern set of football fans, and we wish our closest neighbours all the best—we just wish they lose every game."

While other Scotland supporters have said: "The arrogance is unbelievable."

"A ball hasn't been kicked in the World Cup, yet England are already preparing to celebrate winning it. It's a joke. I just hope they get knocked out as early as they can."

All I can say is...

Better luck next time, Scotland.